Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall party for Four

Last weekend I hosted a fall costume party for Allie and three of her friends. Allie loves Halloween, but I am not really a Halloween supporter. I just have never gotten into it. As a kid, my family only went trick-or-treating maybe twice and most of my memories are of going to fall festivals at my church and playing silly games like bobbing for apples and eating donuts hanging from the ceiling.

I know a lot of people get into it, but to me... it just feels like Satan's holiday or something. Ha! Even though we don't do Halloween really, I still wanted Allie to have a Halloween-like costume party without all the cob-webby, spidery, scary-witch-over-a-cauldron Halloween stuff.

So we decorated the dining room with crepe paper, pumpkins, and candles.

And had some party snacks ready to eat when Al's friends arrived.
Jam Up cookies, one of Allie's favorite desserts and what Zach calls "fancy pop tarts."(recipe coming soon!)
Apple cider donuts
Little smokies (every party needs little smokies).
Allie made place cards and attached them to each person's pumpkin.

Take home goodie bags!

Allie dressed as a gypsy for the party and here she is enjoying the snacks.
We also painted and decorated pumpkins. This is such an easy and fun fall activity.

I was amazed with how each girl had a totally unique and original idea for their pumpkin and they all turned out great!
We also wrote and decorated letters to kids who live at Challenge Farm in Kenya. Challenge Farm is a home and school to roughly 130 children in Kitale, Kenya. These kids have been taken from hopeless lives- searching for food, fighting for survival, running from police, and doing whatever it required to deal with the emotional pain and wounds from this life. At Challenge Farm, these kids get 24/7 care and most importantly, love, something most of them have barely experienced prior to coming to CF. My friend Ashley's family is really involved with CF and I jumped at the chance to involve Allie and her friends. I want them all to know they can make a difference in people's lives TODAY, even in small ways like sending letters. It means so much to these kids!

Each of the girls picked out a different Kenyan girl to write to. Zach and I wrote to the boys. :)

 Ready to mail!

They loved doing this and are hoping to get letters back from their new friends in Kenya. :)
The girls also went trick-or-treating door to door at our house.

I wanted them to have the chance to do this even though they couldn't go through the neighborhood. Since we have 4 exit doors around our house, the girls just walked from each one with their candy bags. They knocked, and I surprised them by dressing in a different costume at each door and pretending to be a different character that they had never met before. (Just trying to recreate real trick-or-treating as much as I could. :)) It turned out to be super fun and the girls had a total blast.

Here they are making silly faces at their last stop!

It was hilarious for me though as I only had a few seconds to throw costumes on and off as they moved around the outside of the house. Ha! When it was all said and done and I finished handing out candy, there were costume pieces everywhere from where I had thrown them off.

Cute Payton, the hocus-pocus witch

Cute Emma, the pirate
 Cute Annie, the nature princess
 Cute Allie, the gypsy

Fun with friends!

 These girls love to be silly and make funny faces. I love them!

The girls had a blast and I was so happy to hear how much they enjoyed the party. It's so important to us that Allie gets quality time with friends and peers her own age when she is here. It's no secret that our family has been so blessed by the community of dear people at Forest Hill Church who love our girl and pour into her life. Praise God for the blessing of friendship!

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