Friday, September 14, 2012

P is for Pamper Party

Allie and I had another P Day last weekend. This time, it was a Polish and Parrafin Pamper Party. In addition to the obvious nail painting and parrafin wax, we also did clay masks (to clean our pores!) and wore perfume while watching a movie and enjoying a new Himalayan Honeysuckle candle. It was quite a lovely afternoon/evening!

The setting :)

Clay masks
The before clay mask pic
Silly ones

Masks applied
We are terrified of ourselves! Hahaha!
 Our skin is getting stiff
We can barely smile. HAHA

The rinse
So fresh and so clean!
The paraffin wax is melting
Relaxin' in the mits while her hands get oh so soft.
Polish (Allie picked out the "Let's Meet" (mustard color) and "Mint Apple" for this P Day.)

Gosh I love quality time with this girl, especially since she seems to be growing up so fast. Quality time is definitely Allie's love language and I'm so glad we speak it to her every time we are together. Our time together is always quality, relationship-building focused and for that I am very grateful.

Stay tuned for our next crazy P Day happening in October! It's gonna be a good one. :)

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