Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kent Smith Photography

A few weeks ago, Zach had a photo shoot for his new album with Kent Smith. I tagged along as Zach's stylist (which was super fun), and I'm so glad I did. Kent is incredible! Kent previously studied under Frank Ockenfels, but is now a seasoned photographer with an impressive portfolio built off decades of experience. (If you go to Frank's site I'm sure you'll recognize his work, especially the entertainment category. He does all the stuff for Harry Potter.)

Zach and I both had a great experience working with Kent and would totally use him again in the future. Even though most of these shots you'll never see as marketing or publicity for the album, I wanted to share some good ones on the blog.

(Side note: I don't know how it happened, but I got to marry like the coolest guy ever. Sometimes it shocks me how cool he is, but then he does something completely ridiculous/goofy/silly and I realize the coolness is all a facade. Actually, as I sit here typing this he is upstairs playing piano and writing a new worship song. I think that and his sweet spirit make him genuinely cool. :))

Anyways, here are the shots of my rockstar. If you are wondering, the clothing is from assorted retailers including Jedidiah, Doublju, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom.

Enjoy this one. It's the only one of him smiling. Ha!

(I'm thinking this should be an ad for Ray-Ban.)

Isn't it crazy to think that cool guy in all those pictures is the same person as this guy:
And this guy:

For those of you who think Zach looks completely different in most photos, you aren't imagining things. :)

So which look do you think will be used for the album?!

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