Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Growing Up

This weekend Zach's mom Cindy and our Allie were back in Charlotte. Gosh I love these two so much! I wish they could stay forever! Even though it was a rather short trip, we made every second count (as always.)

Being parents of a 6th grader means our life just entered this stage when everything is changing before our very eyes. And it's sorta... weird. Ha! Our life with Allie has suddenly taken a turn to include new topics such as make up, bras, how to handle rejection from friends, and what "passive aggressive" means and why that's not a healthy way to communicate. This is in high contrast to most of my friends who are dealing with diapers, terrible 2 tantrums, and kids learning to communicate for the very first time. It's a different place for sure, but I'm grateful for it. When Allie is here, I am continually reminded of how much God has blessed me. It blows me away how strong our relationship is and how content our family of 3 is to be together. We seriously have some of the sweetest moments! I am overwhelmed by how close Zach and Allie are and how similar they are in every way (appearance, personality, fears, etc). I am also so touched by how much being like her daddy means to Allie. She loves being just like Zach and I hope that never changes.

(Side note: I know it's hard for Zach (or any dad) to realize his little girl is growing up. However, Zach is such an amazing dad and continues to guide Allie and meet her needs in this new place. He's wise, funny, fun, and emotionally available which is so critical. He can make any situation easy/comfortable and I'm so glad Allie has him for a dad. She's one lucky girl!)

Anyways, here are some pics from our long weekend together. Allie and I had another P Day (a polish and parrafin wax pamper party), but I'll write a post about that separately.

First stop in CLT - Flying Biscuit, one of Al's favorites! Here she is with the random rooster our front.
And then a quick run to TCBY.

Followed by a trip to Zach's office to listen to all his new songs!

Playing for mom
Allie and I have been wanting to try the new Cinnamon Toast Crunch muffins. We made them Saturday morning and they did not disappoint!
My lunch date at Jason's Deli (This post is starting to feel like a parade of restaurants. Ha!)
A lazy stroll through Black Lion, a local design center with tons of different vendors. Allie ended up buying a few accessories for her room.

She. Is. Gorg.

On Sunday I had to go down to our Rock Hill campus to teach in The Art Studio (preschool environment). When I got back to the family, I found Allie dressed like this. This girl loves to create through clothing (and so do I).

And she loves taking pics just as much as me. :)
Helping our little friend AG learn about roots and moss.
Playing in the yard
AG playing piano with Z. She wanted to sit on this stool instead of the bench. Ha!
We are so blessed to have so many people in Charlotte (like the Carsons) who love our Allie. Thank you friends for being such wonderful friends to our girl.
Breakfast for dinner Sunday night. Yes please.
Followed by a random and spontaneous trip to the movie theatre at 10 pm! After reading Love Does, I really want to help us learn to live in the moment. Allie is now at the age when she's looking to find herself and be who she wants to be and we want nothing more than to help her find her way. Doing something as simple as going to a late night movie in our pjs was easy for us, but meant everything to her. It meant she could stay up late. It meant we didn't care what anyone thought about us. It meant we'd have the movie theatre to ourselves (except for one other person). It meant having the freedom to break out and do something unexpected. It meant living. 
 You can't tell at all that she's excited. :)

Although the movie was a little sad, it was still a good one and we had a blast together. I love making memories with this girl!
 Monday lunch at Which Wich

And a last minute trip to World Market where Allie picked up a few new things.
 Her favorite accessory is a scarf.

 This girl loves to shop!

 Isn't it crazy how much they look alike? I love them!

And a few last minute rounds of magnet darts and carpet ball before heading to the airport.

Me, Allie, and my MIL Cindy.
What a fun weekend! I seriously cannot wait until Allie is back for Fall Break. My wheels are already turning, planning some new adventures we can have together and how we can continue to help her grow into the unique person God wants her to be.

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