Friday, August 3, 2012

Today I woke up angry

Today I woke up angry. It's not important why, it's actually really stupid, but it caused the figurative "thorn that is constantly poking at my heart" to stab me abruptly leaving a wound inflamed with rage and festering with resentment.

Within five minutes of leaving my mattress, I had already become completely engulfed in my fury, trying to rationalize this stupid situation, and get feedback/affirmation of my rightness from Zach and friends via text.

Oh pride.... how you lead us down such miserable roads that only offer more entrapment and pain.

But God was determined to snap me out of this volatile pit ASAP and has turned today into one of the most beautifully blessed days ever. And it's only 1 pm. :)

While eating breakfast after my first wave of anger had passed, my phone rang. It was not a friend I had just text calling to encourage me or tell me how crazy "the thorn" is. It was my dad- happy, cheery, always excited to hear my voice Dad.

Oh Dad. I love you.

We chatted about an assortment of random things and then he asked if I had listened to his CD. My dad had recently sent me a copy of him speaking at his church. It came in the mail with other random items from mom, buried in a beach towel we left behind with family during the summer. Due to working Camp Rock last week (which I promise to write about soon), my week has been pretty hectic. Dad's CD had just ended up lumped in a pile on the foyer table, with bills and pointless ads I needed to throw away.

Dad's call cheered me up some, but I was still licking my wounds and carrying around a grumpy spirit. I decided that Dad's CD would be the perfect soundtrack to my laundry duty upstairs. I had a serious mound of clean clothes that had been staring me in the face since Tuesday.

I popped Dad's disc into my computer and began listening as I sorted and folded. Before I knew it, my eyes were overflowing with tears as I heard my Dad share his stories, what he calls "The Second Book of James" (Haha!) and his heart for God.

OMG, was I sobbing! I ended up just sitting on my bed, in a massive pile of wrinkled fabric, weeping and listening, allowing his words and stories to pour over me like a wave. My Dad is amazing. That is all I can say. And God used his message from one random Wednesday in June to heal my aching heart today. My anger, resentment, and pride were all destroyed by his Christ-centered words of faith, hope, and love.

Thank you Jesus for not leaving me in a heap of despair today.
Thank you Jesus for your love and the stories you have written through my father's life.
Thank you Jesus, for using him once more in my life, to be your hands and feet. It wasn't only that day with the homeless man Dad.
And thank you Jesus for the stories you are writing in my life, stories that has been influenced and shaped by amazing people such as my dad.

Please take a few moments, and listen to my dad's story of faith. I promise you won't regret it.

Oh, and for those of you who see me on stage in our children's environments at FHC and are wondering why I am such a good storyteller, it's obviously genetic! :)

Thanks Dad, for all you are and all you do. I am so incredibly humbled and blessed to be your daughter. Ya know, I think it's really ironic that tomorrow is your 58th birthday and yet you just gave me such an incredible gift. Happy Birthday (one day early) to one of the greatest men who has ever lived!


  1. I was there on the second row the night he shared this. I was also in tears. Your dad IS a great man!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your dad's sermon. It was a real blessing to me today.