Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lindsay sans tumor

So I know it's been awhile since I updated the blog regarding my sister. For those of you know don't know, last spring Lindsay was diagnosed with brain cancer. You can read the deets here on my post from her surgery weekend. 

First off, a massive, extremely sincere, and heart-felt thank you to all of you who have been praying for Lindsay and our family. It's been a very surreal experience, but we could not have made it this far without Jesus Christ and the community of believers and prayers around us.

On April 13th Lindsay had a craniotomy to remove a tumor from her cerebellum. Surgery went fantastic and afterwards we found out it was a GBM (very aggressive, very sneaky, and usually very deadly type of cancer.) Major thumbs down to the GBM.

On May 21st, Lindsay started 6 weeks of oral chemo and radiation. Due to her chemo being oral, it had a lot less side effects than traditional chemo. In addition, her radiation was directed only at the location where her tumor was (back of her head), so she only lost hair in this place. The rest of her hair remains and it covers up the bald spot when her hair is worn down. Towards the end of those 6 weeks and a bit after, Lindsay got the icks (feeling sicky, fatique, food tasting like metal, etc), but other than that she has been doing fantastic. So good I often forget she even has cancer.

Lindsay and her husband Steve came to our annual family reunion this summer and, with the exception of Lindsay timing her medication/meals, she was totally normal. We hiked, swam, did all our normal activities together. It was great.

On July 23, Lindsay had her first MRI since surgery. The scan revealed no new tumor growth, just pseudo progression (radiation damage). This is great news and we were all very relieved! Praise God!

Lindsay will return back to teaching music next week at two elementary schools near her home (much different from the middle school she was at last year.) This is also a great answer to prayer and hopefully something that will not only be a lot easier on her, but something she enjoys.

Please continue to pray for Lindsay.... that the cancer is gone completely and that it will not come back.... that she has the strength and endurance to return to teaching, and that God will continue to use her story to tell the world of his abundant love and grace.

If you'd like to follow Lindsay's story more closely and know all the ins and outs, you can check out her site on Caring Bridge. Thanks again for all your prayers!

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