Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Author obsessed

While shopping this summer, Allie and I stumbled across the most creative/ quirky/ inspiring activity book author of all time.

Keri Smith.

Keri, you really know how to get our creative juices flowing! Allie and I only originally saw her book, "Wreck this Journal," but her uniquely inspired genius encouraged me to do some investigating. Turns out, she has a whole slew of crazy, crafty, outside the box books... books that can make something like a ratty cardboard box seem like the most exciting adventure...and I'm getting them ALL for Allie. Ha!

Here's just a small peek into a few of these awesome books for any creative cat out there.

Wreck Journal


"Finish This Book"

"How to be an explorer of the world" (first book I'm giving Allie)

If you are someone who is drawn to the weird and loves to look at the world in new, interesting, and inspiring ways, I highly recommend Keri's books. They will not disappoint. 

(Personal note: Bucket list item #102: Have lunch with Keri Smith and find out why she is so creative. Oh, and what her favorite animal is. And what her super hero name and power would be if she was said super hero.) 

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