Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Album Update

Sorry I haven't written much lately. Honestly, I don't think my brain can take it. Ha! I write A LOT for my job (mostly things that never make an official appearance on the web) and lately I've found myself avoiding the blog and anything related to being on my computer/using brain power. My mind and eyes just need a break!

However, some exciting stuff has been happening in our life that I want to document. And it relates to Zach's upcoming worship album. As previously mentioned, Zach has been blazing ahead on his worship album. I seriously get more excited about this body of work everyday and cannot wait for it to be available for purchase!

This album-making process has been an educational one for me. I wasn't in Zach's life when he released his last one (a secular album called Only Chance released in 2008). The single Marry Me was produced in secret in 2010 while we were dating and made it's debut when Zach proposed. I honestly had very little concept of what goes into making an album until now and some areas are still a little gray to me. Ha!

Things I've learned about making an album include:

1. It takes a lot of money.
2. It takes a lot of time.
3. It takes a lot of talent from an array of people from writers to musicians to producers to mixers/masterers to photographers to graphic designers to videographers.
4. It takes a lot of patience from all involved and their wives. LOL.
5. It is stressful.
6. It is a labor of love.
7. Music magic happens everywhere (primarily people's homes) and not just in fancy music studios you see on tv.
8. Pro Tools (software used for making music) speaks a language I don't care to ever understand. LOL.
9. Making music is a skill I do not have, but respect more and more each day.

But all this time and effort is well worth it for the truth about Jesus to enter people's lives/ influence people's lives in a greater way.

I seriously am so beyond proud of Zach for this album and how everything about it points to Jesus. It's so humbling to see God use my husband in this way.

The title of the album is called "One", which comes from his song titled "One" which is all about Jesus and how He is THE one who came to save the world.

Some updates on how things are progressing include:

Drums have been fully recorded by Jacob Arnold.
Bass has been fully recorded Jon Duke.
Electric guitar has been fully recorded James Duke.

It's been so cool to see the amazing talent that has been brought together on this project. These are some seriously amazing musicians and I'm so happy Zach was able to work with them.

Also, Zach did a live recording of a few songs a week or two ago to get some corporate voices captured. A huge thank you to everyone who showed up to sing and be a part of this project! From what I've heard so far it turned out awesome!

At the recording

Zach with his biggest fan, Miles.
Yesterday was Zach's photo shoot with Kent Smith. I had a fabulous time being his stylist for the day, even though Zach selects all his clothing on his own. My main job was arranging his wild hair. Ha! Here are a few pics I snapped while Kent was working his magic.

My husband is the coolest. :)

Next week Zach goes to Atlanta to record his vocals. By that time, tracks, acoustic guitar, and some BGVs will be done so everything can be sent to Nashville for mixing/mastering- the final step!

We are getting so close! Eek!! I cannot wait until this thing is available! Please continue to pray for Zach and all involved in this project that it can truly be a testimony of Christ Jesus' incredible love and sacrifice to all who hear it.

Stay tuned for more updates as the weeks fly by. November will be here so soon!

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