Saturday, August 4, 2012

3 Chains

I love my husband and how God uses him in my life. Gosh I am one ridiculously blessed woman!

Today after running a few errands Zach shared with me another recent post on The Resurgence. Gosh this is a good one- for any believer out there, but in my opinion, especially for christians in the south. No, I'm not stereotyping or discriminating or judging, but I just know from personal experience that the culture of Christianity in the south has sent a lot of people (in and outside the church) the wrong message. The message that God/Jesus is about a long list of rules to be followed, a life to be perfectly executed according to rules that we think are based in scripture, but actually are not. Rules that dust the edge of scripture, but do not offer any of the freedom that comes from really knowing and following God.

Personally, I am not really a rules person. Well, at least not stupid rules. Ha!

I totally get behind road rules and traffic laws.
I pay my taxes and we use a CPA just to make sure it's done exactly right.
And while swimming at the Y we stay out of the slide zone and don't dive in the shallow end.

I totally get behind these rules and know they hold value. In more day-to-day life application though, I often look for ways to break the rules - not in a defiant way, but just... to think outside the box. To be creative and look at the world outside of the typical lens. To understand why I am really doing things instead of just... going through the motions because "I think I'm suppose to." Even though this is true, I can find myself occasionally operating out of a spirit of entrapment, a spirit that has latched onto some rule that I created or someone else in my life and this is not of God.

One more time now... this is not of God.

In all honesty, I don't think God cares about what denomination we are, what our pastor wears, what we wear, our race, how many people attend church on Sunday, or any other foolishness we create in our lives and for our families. I think God cares about heart change - how our hearts are seeking after him and caring for others. I think if more christian parents were focused on freedom in Christ instead of legalistic Christianity, there would be a lot less kids fleeing from the church in college and adulthood.

Please read this awesome post and be encouraged to leave those suffocating rules behind and LIVE  for Christ!

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