Friday, July 6, 2012

Week 3

So last week (in-between our tour of the southern coast vacay and the family reunion) was packed with all sorts of fun stuff.

I am desperately trying to keep our garden alive in all this crazy heat! Charlotte is a furnace! Even among wilted leaves and dry soil, Allie was able to harvest some cherry tomatoes off one of the tomato plants.
This summer we have been doing a family devo on the names of Jesus. It's been really great and I love us being in the habit of daily sharing our thoughts about Jesus together.
As usual, Allie spent gobs of time playing with her friends. This week they built a pretty impressive fort out of wooden benches, lots of plants, and a variety of other props.
 Allie's "house"
The girls
 At her house with her knife. Lol. They are all about survival!
In her bed "looking up at the stars."
 Warm bread on the fire. LOL.
 Annie in her house, aka the mail cart.
 Inside it's cozy.
We also got to play with a co-worker's new puppy Max. He is seven weeks old and seriously adorable. Allie wants a dog so bad! She's been doing research on hypo-allergenic dogs since Zach is allergic and presenting her reasoning for having a dog over dinner. Ha! We will NOT be getting a dog because it's like having a baby forever! I don't need anything else to take care of other than my family right now, but Max sure is fun to play with. :)

Max looooved Zach, but really, who doesn't? :)

Allie also has been helping me make dinner. She is such an anxious helper! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful daughter in my life!
We also went on an evening stroll as a family this week through the neighborhood and on the Greenway. Here's Zach and Al in their chosen poses. Yes, Zach has a random golf club. Ha!
They always love to be in the woods together looking for creatures!

 Catching lightning bugs
 Sweet Allie
This week we've been packing lunch a lot instead of coming home for a lunch break. I've taken this opportunity to write messages in Allie's lunch and she's loved it. Since she's homeschooled in Alabama she doesn't often have lunch packed and sent with her. Sometimes, it's the smallest thing that makes a huge impact in your child's life, things you didn't think were a big deal can sometimes mean the world to them. I'm so glad I didn't miss this opportunity to tell Allie (and show her) I love her!
Allie also did a little artwork this week using Mr. Andrew's fancy watercolor paints.

 She's such a great artist. I know all parents think that about their child, but Allie has such a great eye for scale and she sees the tiniest details.
We also hung out with our friends the Carsons again. AG loves her Allie! Here are the girls playing piano together.
And playing on the iphone.
Ryan and Bethany treated us to yogurt at a new place called Sweet Frog. It was delish! Thank you friends for blessing us! We love you!
 Scrumptious toppings.
 Our cups
On Friday, since it was so crazy hot, Zach and I took Allie and two friends to the pool. It felt so amazing and was super fun.
Allie's beach bag
The girls
Jump in!
We all love the water slides!

After a fun day swimming, we headed over to Peter and Ashley's house for  Eli's 2nd Birthday Party. (Eli is on the right eating his bday cupcake!)
Al had fun playing in the prop box.

Even though it was a super hot day, we had a great time with our friends celebrating Eli.

What a fun week! And to think, we've got 2 more to go! I love summer.

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