Wednesday, July 18, 2012


As you can tell from the last 6 weeks of posts, we have had some major quality time with Allie this summer. Our pastor and friend David Chadwick always says that, "Kids spell love t-i-m-e," and I know this to be true in our own life. Zach and I tried to be even more intentional than usual with how we spent our t-i-m-e this summer and really bonding with Allie in a variety of ways.

One tool that ended up being a great success and leading to some engaging meal time conversations is the Family Dinner Box of Questions - Faith Edition.
This round box comes with 82 discussion cards related to faith. All the questions are different and include things like:

  • "Do you think God still performs miracles today?"
  • "Have you seen a movie or tv show that changed how you think about life and God? What was it?"
  • "What is the greatest act of generosity you have ever witnessed?", and 
  • "If Jesus had one message for today's adults, what do you think it would be?"

Allie really enjoyed using these and it was such an easy way to have meaningful, spiritual conversations in a very casual setting. If you are interested in getting this for your own family or one of their other box games, you can go to to order.
We also created a memory book this summer to remember all the fun stuff we did together. Allie picked out this awesome blank notebook at Paper Source. I love that it has clocks on it which seems so symbolic of our t-i-m-e together.

Our memory journal cover page created by Allie.
At the end of everyday we spent together, all three of us would write down (or in Allie's case draw) our favorite moment from the day.
It really became such a cool way for us to remember some of the most dramatic moments,
and small, yet significant moments,
and even moments that make us grateful for how God has blessed our family.
I am soooo glad we did this and that Allie will have a copy of all our memories with her in Alabama to remember our time spent together. I think we will make this memory journal thing a summer tradition because it's a little too ambitious to do year round. It takes discipline for all three of us to remember to write in it each day!

A few weeks ago I read a quote that said,
"Memories are our greatest inheritance." 
This rather profound statement has stuck with me and been rolling around in my thoughts. Even though personally I believe our greatest inheritance comes by choosing to follow Christ Jesus, I think memories of a life well spent (following Christ's commands to love God and love others) is a short second. I'm so glad we are taking the time to invest in both of these things with Allie every chance we get.

On the subject of memories.... I recently got this incredible gift from my dad in the form of a different type of memory book.
For Father's Day I gave him a book called "My Dad, His Stories, His words." It is filled with a variety of questions for your dad to answer about his life including questions about his childhood, questions about parenting, and questions about how he wants to be remembered. Two weeks later during our family vacation, my dad gave this back to me completely filled out and it truly is one of my greatest treasures. Reading his stories and memories - some I knew and some I didn't, brought tears to my eyes as I found myself overwhelming grateful for the first man God brought into my life and the best dad ever.
I treasure the incredible legacy my dad has left behind in those who know him and I hope we are doing the same for Al.

Also, a few people have mentioned wanting a list of all the creative, family activities we do. If you are interested in having your own costume dinner party, P Day, Father's Day Facial Hair Celebration, etc. just click on the label in the right hand column called "Family fun/Ideas." All of these activities can be found in that category for easy reference. Enjoy making memories with your own family!

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