Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Sets

Here's the last round of photos from our summer spent with Allie.

One of Allie's favorite things to do is to make silly faces in photos. We have about a million images of her -on our phones, on her camera, and on the computer in Photo Booth, making some of the strangest, most freaky faces ever. HAHA This girl seriously knows how to contort her face in all sorts of ways. :)

Pretty Allie on her last Sunday at FHC

 Silly Allie

And friends
This past week, our entire staff had a Motorcycle Derby, racing two of our Kids@FHC bikes around the parking lot. (For the record, this is the first time we have ever done this. Normally we all spend our afternoons actually working! Ha!)

It was super funny and a great break in the middle of the afternoon. Allie and I didn't race, but instead we ate ice cream while watching all the action!
Allie and I also went and picked up our finished pottery we made on the previous Saturday. Our tea cups turned out awesome! We love them and can't wait to use them at our next tea party.

Since Zach was flying Allie back Friday morning, Thursday was really our last day together and we did our best to really make it count!

We took Allie to Chiptole for lunch, one of her favorite spots.

Allie also got in a final full day playing with her friends at FHC. They have so much fun! I wish I would have gotten a whole group shot (there were 5 of 6 of them hanging out this week!), but here's Al with two of her partners in crime, Emma and Annie.

After work, we took Allie back to Sky High for a final jump session. This was my first time going since they did this on the daddy-daughter date and it was super fun. I had no idea how tiring jumping on trampolines is!

Waiting to jump into the pit!

Me, jumping high

Allie and I are fairly conservative jumpers, but Zach... he goes crazy doing all sorts of flips and tricks.

We had a great time jumping, diving into the foam pit, and playing a few rounds of trampoline dodgeball. After we exhausted ourselves, we headed home for dinner. Allie requested breakfast for dinner on her last night so we cooked up some chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and blueberry muffins.

Allie made the muffins and watched them bake in the oven... for the entire cook time. Ha!

For a special treat, I also made some flower pot dirt (basically rich chocolate mousse with layers of crushed oreos) and chocolate covered oreos, Allie's favorite.

After eating our yummy dinner and treats, we camped out in the living room and watched a few movies before heading off to bed. It was a very tender night for us, one and I know Zach and I will never forget.

We have had a truly incredible summer. Looking back, it's kinda crazy all the stuff we've done. We:

  • went to an outdoor concert of the Charlotte Symphony (in the rain!).
  • had a Father's Day facial hair party and made Zach a Father's Day video.
  • visited Charleston, Savannah, Cumberland Island, St. Augustine, Ormond Beach, DeLand, and Orlando on vacation.
  • went to Medieval Times.
  • had P Day #2 -  a pajamas and pearls tea party.
  • visited Asheville.
  • went kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, and creek swimming/diving during our family reunion.
  • had P Day #3 - pottery painting and a trip to Polka Dot Bake Shop.
  • went sailing on Lake Wylie.
  • had a daddy-daughter date.
  • had a costume dinner party.
  • had a sleepover.
  • took a second trip to Sky High, the trampoline park.
  • had a pool day at the Y.
  • hung out with tons of friends and family.
We've also watched a ton of movies, eaten yummy treats, taken a million photos, had amazing conversations, laughed incessantly, and made the most wonderful memories. I seriously have no regrets from our summer and treasure how our family has grown and how our relationships have continued to deepen. Even though it was only 5 weeks, in some ways, I feel like we had a year. Even though my heart is aching in her absence, my heart is overflowing with joy from all the special moments we've had together during our precious summer. I am already starting to think about next year and all the new adventures I want our family to experience together. It's gonna be awesome! :)

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