Thursday, July 12, 2012


Last Sunday, Zach, Allie and I went to "Mr. Bill's house" on Lake Wylie. Bill is a co-worker of mine and truly one of a kind. We are so lucky to have him on our team at FHC.

We had planned to just fish from the dock and swim in the lake, but our day turned into a sailing adventure!

(Thanks Andrew for letting us use your boat and Mr. Bill for teaching us how to sail!)

Zach and Allie, ready to sail!
Allie and Bill, rowing to the sail boat dock
View of Bill's house up on the hill from the shore below.
Readying the boat and sails
Out on open water!
Hoisting the main sail
Hoisting the jib
And we're sailing!

The captain! (We actually all took turns steering, even Al!)
We could not have done this without you Bill! Thank you for being such a good teacher!
Enjoying the ride

The three sailing musketeers!

We actually had a great day for sailing! Lots of unexpected wind that carried us all over the lake. We also had some unexpected rain, but it cooled us and the day off so sailing after the sun shower was perfect. Thank you Jesus for such a fun and special day with our family!

After our sailing adventure, we headed back to Bill's house and got to see Rosie, Bill's cockatiel. If you remember, we borrowed Rosie for Allie's 11th birthday party last November and she remembered us! She couldn't stop talking to Zach!

Einstein, the African Grey
Little finches
I can't wait to take Allie back to Bill's house when she is here in September. There's so many fun things to do!

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