Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pajamas and Pearls Tea Party

Last Saturday Allie and I had our second "P Day," but this time it was a Pajamas and Pearls Tea Party instead of a Painting Picnic in the Park.
We have been wanting to watch the second Anne of Green Gables movie together, or in the theme of P Day, "part 2 with the Pringles!" and this pajama tea party was the perfect way to do it.
Allie was beyond thrilled to be able to wear any jewelry from my jewelry drawer for the occasion. She picked out 4 pieces including a hair pin, brooch, button necklace, and pearl bracelet of course!
 Apparently, she has always had her eye on this necklace and was thrilled to finally wear it!

My long strand of pearls
Our tea party spread included some of our favorite treats. Oh and doilies. Allie loves doilies. Ha!

Crustless PB&J
Warm blueberry muffins
Chocolate covered strawberries
And edible chocolate tea cups filled with chocolate cake and mousse.

Oh and tea of course!
My plate has two funny fish on it.
 Allie's funny fancy face.
Drinking tea
 So excited! Let the fun begin.
We had the most glorious afternoon tea party. Gosh I love hanging out with this girl! This is such a fun and easy way to have a blast with your daughter. I highly recommend it to any mom out there!


  1. Hi There - I wondering if you could tell me where you got the edible chocolate tea cups? They look yum :) I'd like to get them for my daughter for her birthday and hold a tea part like you have. You look like you had a fab time! x :)

  2. Simply wonderful tea party!! The food is great. I loved these chocolate covered strawberries along with chocolate cake. Liked this idea of having cake in coffee mugs. Thinking of organizing a tea party at one of New York venues. Will have these chocolate covered strawberries for it.