Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paint, Pottery, and Polka Dots

Allie and I had our 3rd "P Day" this year this past weekend. P Days are quickly becoming our special one-on-one days to do fun stuff together that randomly starts with the letter p. I did not intend for P Day to catch on like it has, but Allie and I love coming up with creative, new ways to spend time together.

If you've been reading the blog awhile, you know our first P Day happened last March. It was painting and a picnic in the park. Our second P Day happened before the family reunion and was a pajamas and pearls tea party. This time, we decided to go paint pottery at the Dish It Out art studio and visit Polka Dot Bake Shop for an afternoon sweet treat.

I have always wanted to go to one of these studios and paint pottery so I was super excited to bring Allie here so we could have this experience together. Last Christmas, Zach's mom gave us matching aprons so we wore them during our project!
 Looking over ideas in magazines and books.
 Shelves of bare pottery, lining the walls, just waiting for someone to paint them!
Loads of paint
Allie and I decided to paint tea cups and saucers so the next time we have a tea party, we have our own beautiful cups to drink out of!
Getting to work
 Sketching her design first
 Then layering on the paint.

 Detail work
 Al took this photo of me working on my design.
 Allie's cup and saucer

My tea cup and saucer
Used brushes

 Allie got the chocolate chocolate cupcake (of course. Allie thinks chocolate is a food group. Ha!)
 And I got the honey almond. OMG... was it divine.

Another fabulous P Day success!

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