Monday, July 30, 2012

Jesus knows I robbed a bank...

So I've been away with our 2nd- 5th graders at Camp Rock for the past week up in the North Carolina Blue Ridge mountains. I will post a little about this tomorrow, or maybe the next day, but this morning I read a blog post worthy of re-posting.

By the looks of it, Shon Hopwood has quite a story, a story that has recently been fully exposed in his new book, "Law Man: My Story of Robbing Banks, Winning Supreme Court Cases, and Finding Redemption".

This morning I read his first post on The Resurgence and found it so encouraging. I love hearing other peoples stories, stories of how God has taken such a disaster and made it into something so beautiful. That is how he works you know, always restoring.

Often times I find people have a primary image of God as this emotionless judge- sitting up high on a throne, pointing fingers, and sentencing people to a life filled with shame for all they have done wrong. But that's not how I see my God, my Jesus.

No. Jesus is a master craftsman, a restoration specialist, working on the oldest, most run-down of "houses." There are houses that on the outside, look like they should just be abandoned- walls leaning, roofs caving in, foundations crumbling, besieging plants overtaking the structure like soldiers on the banks of Normandy. But Jesus.... he sees potential in all these places and is constantly working to bring them back to their original, intended beauty.

That is how Jesus works in our lives and on our hearts. His tool box is limitless and his means often surprising, but God is a God who does not leave us in a heap of trouble, but comes to our rescue time and time again to show us his everlasting love.

God is a master craftsman.
God is the world's best writer and storyteller.
God is the lover of souls.
God is our forever friend, our savior, and our Lord.

Please take a moment to read a bit about Shon's story and how God's name is being made great through his journey to redemption and restoration.

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