Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Reunion Part 2

On Wednesday (July 4th), we headed to our favorite restaurant, Frog's Leap Public House, for lunch with mom, dad, Lindsay, and Steve, my BIL.
 I had French lemon soda for the first time and it came in this cute little bottle.
 Lindz and Steve
Dad got fried pickles and they were the best I've ever had. (I'm being so bad right now!)
I was very bad and got a shrimp po'boy. It totally made me feel terrible after, but it was good going down. :)
 And Allie got the kids meatloaf and mac. How cute!
After lunch, the five of us (Zach, Allie, Lindsay, Steve, and me) went horseback riding in Clyde.

(Side note: Lindz and Al love moccasins. And I love this pic of their feet!)

 All of us rode paint horses, but Allie got a mustang named Chisholm!
 Lindz on Montana

 We rode the trail to an old log cabin built during the Civil War. Note it now has a satellite dish on it. LOL.
Zach on Midnight. (For the record, my horse was HUMONGOUS (not pictured), OLD (22 yrs), slow, and named Cowboy. There was nothing wild about him. :) Steve rode a horse named Ginger and for some reason, that just makes me laugh. :)
Allie took horseback riding lessons 4 or 5 years ago and was a champ! She easily maneuvered her horse during the ride. I think this experience has reignited her love of horses and riding.
After our afternoon ride, we headed back to Lake J to rejoin the family. We went to Maggie's Galley for dinner, another favorite, and tried frog legs for the first time! Even Allie gave it a go!
Allie and an old abandoned cabin adjacent to the restaurant. She felt this would make an excellent wilderness shelter.
Adie, my cousin's daughter, and Steve singing. 
 Zach, showing some patriotism and enthusiasm. It is the 4th after all!
Happy 4th of July!

After dinner, we had the pleasure of meeting/feeding two ducks that came for a visit on our street. Duck feeding is a true Lake J tradition and I am happy Allie has embraced it. It takes me back to when I was a kid and throwing bread chunks into the lake. :)
 At dusk we headed down to the shore to get ready for fireworks.

Lake J trolley
Allie, always playing. I love this child.
And fireworks with the family over the lake. You can't see it well, but to the bottom right of the fireworks is the illuminated cross that overlooks the lake as well as an orange moon. What a lovely evening.
Happy Independence Day America!

On Thursday, the fearless five (Zach, Al, me, Lindz, and Steve) drove to Big Creek, TN to go hiking and swimming.

 Rock face
A little girl in a giant forest. I love this pic of her.
 Al and her mossy seat

We hiked a little over 1.5 miles until we got to the Midnight Swimming Hole.
Rocks, roots, and water
 Allie on a giant rock

After our hot hike, the cold water was refreshing, but STILL freezing! Mountain water is so cold! It took me a long time to go all the way in, but I finally did so I could jump off the big rock like everyone else!

Zach diving in.
Allie was amazingly brave and not only did she swim in the frigid water, but she climbed up the rock face and jumped into the water 2 times! We were so proud of her. Here she is with blue lips after a long swim. Ha!
After our return hike, we met the rest of our family for yet another tradition, eating at Granny's Chicken Palace.
Nothing about this place is palace-like, but it is good ol' southern cookin' and we eat here every year.

The fried chicken is good,
but we all come here for the golden nuggets.
Granny's was a great way to finish off our reunion since our family of three had to leave Friday to get back to Charlotte for the weekend services.

We had a fabulous time with our family in the mountains and look forward to next year!

On our way home, we completed our vacation (or what I call the "parade of bad food") at Logan's Roadhouse so we could eat some of their scrumptious yeast rolls.

I've had my eye on these things since we ate here in Alabama in May (when I couldn't go off my FAID), but this time... I was having the rolls! And butter! And it was amazing.

Oh vacation... you are so full of fun and food!

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