Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dressed up Dinner

Costume dinner parties are one of Allie's favorite things. Honestly, they are super easy to pull off even if you don't have access to a costume closet! (If you don't have costume stuff, make costumes out of newspaper, foil, and plastic wrap. Scarcity leads to creativity!)

This Tuesday night was maybe our 3rd or 4th costume dinner party. I've lost track. Ha! This time Allie went at Anne Bonny, a famous pirate from Ireland (that we conveniently learned about at the Pirate Museum in St. Augustine!).

Allie's friend Payton was Miss Sassafras, a cowgirl from Nebraska with a thick country twang. (Payton is always really good at different accents! Ha!)

I was Marie from Pari (Paris), an eccentric, French artist.

And Zach was Captain Short Beard, a manner-less pirate and Anne Bonny's father. :)
Here he is pickin' his teeth with his sword. HAHA! Thank goodness Anne Bonny does not take after him!
We had some very interesting dinner conversation, all about our varied lives and experiences. Costume dinner parties are hilarious!

For example, "Marie" had a very special 4-photo locket
with pictures of her four pets - Sammy the salamander, Ralph the French bulldog, Chuckles the walrus, and Prickles, the cactus... because plants are people too. LOL. It's all crazy shenanigans, but it's so much fun!

 Allie and her sword

After dinner we took a trip to TCBY for dessert. Costume dinner parties always end going somewhere in public where we can make an absurd scene in our costumes.

 Zach always keeps the girls laughing.

And acting silly.
 And acting sweet.

 Yay for costume dinner parties and time with friends!

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