Saturday, July 14, 2012

D cubed

Even though Allie is gone right now, I still wanted to catch up on last week's adventures. We squeeze in as many as possible during our time together. :)

Last Monday, Zach took Allie on a Daddy-Daughter Date. Zach is seriously an awesome dad. I know most things about our family are written from my perspective here on Citizens, but Zach is a truly one-of-a-king man and a one-of-a-kind dad. Often times I forget he did the single dad thing for 7 or 8 years before we met and he managed all of this Allie stuff on his own. :)

So even though I wasn't there for it, here's the recap of their fun date night.

It started off with a trip to Sky High Sports, a new trampoline park here in Charlotte. What's a trampoline park you ask? It's a place with trampoline floors and walls that you can jump on. They also have a giant foam pit you can jump into and trampoline dodge ball. It's loads of fun, but also a pretty intense work out. Ha!

They had an awesome time jumping, playing video games, and taking pics in the photo booth at Sky High!

After SHS, they went to P.F. Changs for dinner. Allie loves asian food (chicken fried rice), and always requests eating at Pei Wei, P.F. Changs casual counterpart. Zach thought taking Al to P.F. Changs for the first time would be the perfect restaurant for the DDD and of course it was!

While they were waiting  for a table, the dynamic duo took a stroll through Restoration Hardware and took pictures of all their favorite things. (He is amazing. :)
Looking for chicken fried rice. :)

After their entrees, Zach surprised Allie by ordering cheesecake to-go. They both love this decadent treat!
Part of the reasoning behind daddy-daughter dates is not only for Zach and Allie to get quality time together, but for Zach to demonstrate how a lady should be treated by a man so one day Allie can choose the right man to spend her life with. They talked a lot about this and one of the things Zach told Allie is that a man should always listen to what his date/girlfriend/wife says so you can really know her and eventually, anticipate her needs and desires. (AHH...isn't he amazing? Allie and I are so lucky! :)) Anyways, this came back into play when Zach ordered the cheesecake just to show Allie he knew what she would want and how to treat her without her even asking! Needless to say, it brought joy to her eyes and a smile to her face.

Lucky for me, they came home and shared this dessert with me. Yum!
All in all it was a hugely successful DDD and I can't wait for Zach to do this again with our girl. 

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