Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back to School Box

Now that Allie is back in Alabama, our long distance love continues. We always look for new and creative ways to connect with her while she is not living at our house. Usually this takes the form of some type of care package and this time it's a back to school theme.

Since Allie is homeschooled she will be starting back to school August 1st. Even though homeschooling has some definite benefits, there are some things you miss out on by not going to an actual, physical school. Things like having a variety of teachers, eating lunch with friends, having your lunch packed with a note inside by your mom or dad, having a locker, changing classes, independently managing time and distractions, academically performing under various conditions and settings, etc. Even though a lot of these are small things, it's still part of the school experience I don't want her to miss out on.

Allie is starting the 6th grade this year and that is huge! She's a middle schooler now. It's crazy to think she will be going to Advance, which is our student ministry at FHC. Anyways, because this is a grand occasion and because we want her to start the school year with some new things, here's Allie's back to school care package.

Growing up, I always remember going to school on the first day in that "first day of school new outfit." My parents didn't lavish us with lots of new clothes or buy frivolous things, but we did get a new look for that first, nervous, first day of the new school year. Even though Al won't be leaving her house for school, I wanted her to have a new outfit to kick things off and get a little bit of her Charlotte style back in Alabama.

I love this turquoise floral halter top!
 Flower headband.
I also found this awesome artistic doodle book that I think she will love. It challenges you to really think in new ways and create something unique. Once a month, Allie goes to her grandma's house for a music and art day and by her description it sounds really neat. I am hoping this doodle book can keep her working on her creative skills and thinking outside the box in-between these sessions!

 A new pack of notecards so she can write her friends back in Charlotte.
We also are sending a 2012/2013 calendar with all our upcoming dates on it as well as a family devo question for each week from the Family Dinner Game cards she enjoyed so much. Hopefully this will help us keep up our devos a little bit over the phone.

 A new notebook and pencil box full of pencils.
 Each pencil has one of three sentences on it to remind Allie we love her (as well as Jesus!) when she is doing school work.

We also threw in some erasers and pens (not pictured).

Everything wrapped up (with brown paper, twine, and doilies... cause she loves doilies) and ready to ship!
Hope you love your back to school stuff Allie and have a wonderful start to your 6th grade year! We are so proud of you!

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