Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week 1

So Allie's officially been here one week already. Slow down time, slow down!

Our first week together has been filled with all sorts of adventures and a few new friends.

On Monday, Allie spent the day hanging out with a few friends. At Mrs. Susie's house, Allie found a box turtle near the stream in her backyard. Apparently the turtle was lost and Allie spent like over an hour looking for it. Lucky for her, Marcel (what we ended up naming the turtle) showed back up Tuesday.
I'm not really a pet person, but I consented to letting Allie keep the turtle at least until we go on vacation. It's actually been kinda fun to have him.


Allie and Marcel

Marcel is now the third pet Allie has been enjoying this week. Cherry and Dennis, the two cockatiel's from my work, have been practically permanent fixtures on her shoulders.
This girl loves animals of all shapes and sizes.

On Thursday Allie had a sleepover with her two friends Emma and Annie. These girls spend most their days playing together at the church and they love to pretend, create, and be wild! :) The girls had a blast doing a million activities and staying up all night. I remember when staying up late was like the coolest, most fun thing ever. :)

I love how Allie made a list of all the things she wanted to do. This girl loves lists! :)
Drawing and making bead pets
Annie's ink horse

A taco bar for dinner!
Eating in the treehouse!
Individual ice cream cups for dessert (I feel like I cheated not cooking something cute, but this was just... so easy. :))
We also sort of... lost Marcel during the sleepover. LOL. We put him in the backyard so he could roam around a bit, but then we couldn't find him. The gate had been left open on accident and we felt certain he was long gone. Even though Marcel is a turtle, he is quick! Anyways, a few hours later after the girls had scoured the yard and surrounding area, I found Marcel STILL in the yard hiding under a fallen branch.

Do you see him? He is disguised!
Hello Marcel.
Happy to have him home!
Movie time!
Building tents!

Their community food and weapons (I think Allie is taking all these survival shows we watch too seriously. Ha!)
Annie the monkey
Making costumes out of fabric
Dressing Allie up! Isn't she gorgeous?

 Fancy hair

The girls were determined to stay up all night. They wouldn't even get in pajamas because it was some sign of surrender to sleep. Ha! Allie and Emma almost made it, but I found them wiped out in the guest room in the morning. Ha!
And the aftermath of all the sleepover activities.  They seriously had everything out from Twister to plaster of paris!

Luckily they cleaned it up quick. :)

The girls were pretty exhausted in the morning, but they did manage to chow down breakfast. We had gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free cinnamon rolls.
They were pretty good actually and a great way to enjoy a favorite treat in a healthy way. I've been trying to go more gluten-free and dairy free with Allie. This week I have officially transitioned her to almond milk instead of regular and substituting a few flour based products for corn based. If only there was a non-dairy cheese substitute! That is a difficult one to overcome. Anyways, it's a slow process, but I am happy we are making some.

Anyways, the sleepover was a huge success. Allie said it was the best ever. I am so glad we are able to do this occasionally and allow her to make wonderful memories she will have for a lifetime.

Friday, after Allie recuperated from the sleepover hangover (LOL!), we went and hung out with our friends the Carsons.

Playing with AG

On Friday night, Allie and I went to see Zach lead worship at the CTO (Coaches Time Out) Pro Athletes Outreach conference. (The room was dark so the pic is bad.)
I am so glad Allie gets to be a part of these moments and see her dad share his heart from the stage. We were so proud of Zach (as always!) and are so grateful that God is using him and his gifts to bring Him glory.

To wrap up the week, here are three cute shots of Allie from today. I love the outfit she put together. :)

Tomorrow is Father's Day and Allie and I have a few surprises up our sleeve. Shh! Don't tell Daddy! :) Stay tuned for the deets! :)

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