Saturday, June 9, 2012

Let the summer begin

So our summer with Allie kicked off yesterday. YAYUH! All three of us have been counting down to this for literally months, waiting for our 5 weeks together to begin. Yes you heard me right, 5 solid weeks! Eeek! I could squeal like a piglet in a puddle! Even though Zach and I long for even more time with Allie, I am trying to be content with our existing schedule and soak up every single second with her.

Gosh, Allie is growing up so fast! And I don't want to miss any of it! It actually makes me glad we have no other children. Often people ask us if we plan on having any children of our own. I honestly don't know the answer to that. Maybe? Right now, Zach and I have no desire for more children which MUST be from God because up until about 4 years ago I felt quite differently. Growing up, I always wanted to be a stay at home mom with 4 boys. Yes 4. What was I thinking?! Ha! As I grew up though, graduated college, moved to Atlanta, started a career, and just... a life on my own, that desire slowly began to diminish. I don't know why, I honestly didn't even notice until one day... it was gone and seemed only like a faint memory. Obviously I love kids (and parents!) since I work in children's ministry, but right now... that's not what God has laid on our hearts. It seems to be becoming more and more evident that God currently has us on a path that's more about birthing songs than babies, more about leading people in worship, building the kingdom, and impacting the world through our existing family. All that to say, I am thrilled that Allie gets our undivided attention when she is with us. Maybe that's why my heart has changed about having babies of my own. God knew Allie and Zach were coming into my life and that this would be best for her. Anyways, I digress...

Summer 2012!!!!!!!

Due to some aircraft maintenance issues, Zach and Allie were delayed by about 2 hours. God answered my prayers though and they made it safely to Charlotte without any cancellations. We decided to go eat at Chipotle, one of our favorite spots, to kick off the summer. I. Heart. Barbacoa.

I love Zach and Allie together. They are hilarious and just... two peas in a pod. Actually, they could be two peas in the same pod because they look just alike! It's CRAZY! Their facial features are so similar, as well as their sense of humor, interests, and so many other things. Gosh. Blessing #1:The tender, adorable, treasured closeness between this daddy and daughter.
Allie rockin' daddy's glasses. She looks adorable in everything.
Bahaha. Such spunk.
After our scrumptious summer celebratory dinner, we headed to TCBY to top it off. I tried gluten (in oreos) and dairy for the first time last night in a small portion. It tasted O-MAZING and did not upset my stomach at all. Success!

Today, our day started off by introducing Allie to some new friends of ours, Clark and Salina. We love these 4 (they have 2 little ones) and also the fact they live in our neighborhood. I can't wait for Allie to get more time to hang out with them this summer. I am so incredibly grateful for the awesome community we have here in Charlotte and that so many people adore Allie. For kids, having "other people of influence" as we call it at work, or basically "anyone who isn't your mom or dad" influencing your life is really important. Through our family at FHC, God has literally surrounded Allie with amazing people and I am so thankful she has so many precious "puddin's" (as my friend Whit would say) on her team and wanting to be there for her throughout her life. 

After Zach headed off to rehearsal, Allie and I began running some errands and shopping. This girl and her style cracks me up. 
She's gorgeous no matter what though :)
(And one random, but really cute pic of her drawing in her tent!)
Long before I ever came into the picture, Allie has been interested in fashion. She's always been drawing clothes and shoes and even sewing when she gets the chance. That being said, she loves to create outfits and um... layer herself in accessories. Haha! I love this girl. At some point, I guess I should teach her restraint and to not over do it, but for now... I want her creative juices to be able to flow and not hinder the fun of creating something unique of your very own. 

After picking up a few things we needed, Allie and I went on a search for our summer memory journal.  We want to be able to remember all our favorite things or moments about each day of our summer vacation. Allie and I found the perfect one at Paper Source, as well as about 50 other things we love. Ha!

Paper Source is so.... beautiful... and inspiring... and creative...and expensive. HA! Allie found a ton of activity books and journals she wanted such as:

Playing with Books (I'll get her this later, but don't tell! :))
Make Art Mistakes (she later bought this one off Amazon since it was cheaper.) This one is SO awesome and truly inspiring.
And My Future Listography, All I Hope to do in Lists (she also got this one off Amazon.)
This girl loves a good list. HAHA. OMG... I love her so much. So often she reminds me of me as a kid. If I didn't know better, most the time I'd think she was my own flesh and blood. :) I can't wait for her to get her new activity books in. They will be great to have on our summer road trip, coming up in just a week. Yes!!!!! Let the summer begin!!!!!

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