Saturday, June 30, 2012

Holiday Hiatus

So we are "going on holiday" as the Brits say. I still need to post our pics from this past week as well as our tea party pics. Allie and I had a second "P Day" today as we like to call it, but this one involved no painting. (Our last one was a painting picnic in the park. See this post for more details!)

Today's P Day was a "pajamas and pearls tea party" where we (obviously) wore our pajamas and fancy jewelry while we had our party and watched Anne of Green Gables (part 2, with the Pringles!). It was glorious fun. Pics coming soon.

For now I must prepare for our family reunion and make more memories with my family. I love keeping the blog updated (especially because it helps me remember all we've done when it comes to making Allie's book at the end of the year), but I don't want blogging about the past to take precedence over present moments with my family.

So I'm on hiatus... until we return from vacay and maybe until Allie goes back to Alabama. I wanna soak up every tiny moment with our sweet girl. Summer, please slllooooow down!

See you later!

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