Saturday, June 23, 2012

Father's Day Facial Hair Celebration

Wow, due to our vacation, Father's Day feels like ages ago. Ha! Here are the deets on how we celebrated Zach last Sunday.

For lunch, we took Zach to Mellow Mushroom, one of his favorite restaurants. Our friends Justin and Jenny were in town staying with us so they joined us for lunch after church. We finally got to eat in the school bus that sits in the center of the restaurant! YES!

(sorry it's blurry!)

I have been wanting to do this since we moved to Charlotte.
In addition to the video I made for Zach of Allie (see previous post), Allie and I threw Zach a Father's Day Facial Hair Celebration, aka Mustache Party. Zach changes his facial hair/style about as much as he would a watch or any other accessory. Ha! He's had everything from a clean face to full mountain man-ish beard. In lieu of his interest in facial hair and the fact it's very manly, Allie and I thought this was the perfect way to celebrate Father's Day.

The mustache party included mustache wearing (we bought a set of assorted mustaches), playing "pin the mustache on the Daddy" (made this), and eating a mustache cake (made this too). Allie and I planned to have a mustache water balloon fight (mustaches drawn on water balloons), but we ran out of time and didn't get to actually have the fight. This will most definitely happen sometime this summer though. :)

Mustache cake (yellow cake with chocolate icing, Zach's fav)

We also got Zach a Reeces cup caramel apple. His "second dinner" every night usually includes an apple, peanut butter, and crackers. This scrumptious treat from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory puts his favorite snack on a whole new level. :)

Allie made a mustache-themed back drop so we could do a mustache photo booth using our fake mustaches. We had so much fun wearing these mustaches and making funny faces!
"The daddy"

Family fun with mustaches

Allie, attacked by mustaches. HAHA.
I also enlarged a picture of Zach clean shaven to play "pin the mustache on the Daddy".  Allie made the felt mustaches, oh and a "granddaddy mustache" that includes a long grey beard. (She's hiiilarious. :))
We used black science goggles as our blind fold.
It was really fun, and strangely, way harder than I thought it would be! None of us got it in the right place. Ha!

We had such a crazy fun time at our mustache party and celebrating Z. Happy Father's Day honey! We love you!

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