Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Charlotte Symphony Showers

So I'm really trying to keep the blog updated with our latest adventures, mostly so I don't forget all the fun stuff we've done!

This past Sunday was a fun one. After church, we headed to one of our favorite places, the Flying Biscuit, for lunch. We tend to eat out more on the weekends than during the week due to the fact Zach and I are working and I can't be home getting food ready for meals.

No one turns down an opportunity to eat at The Biscuit though. :)

Here's Al waiting outside for our table. Such a cutie!

This is why we're here. I SO wish I could eat this! I did have a teeny, tiny bite of one and it was divine. 
Biscuit bitin'
Head rests
 The gigglers
On Sunday night, Zach, Allie, and I went to the first concert of the Charlotte Symphony Summer Pops series held at Symphony Park in South Park. Every summer they do 5 outdoor concerts and I've always wanted to go.

I had dreams of this being like... the perfect family moment- sitting in the grass on our picnic blanket as the sun sets, a cool breeze blowing against my face, and all of us smiling at each other as the waves of melodious music washed over us.

This is not how the night went. LOL. If you live in Charlotte you know things have been quite wet and rainy lately. All of Sunday was overcast and I was hopeful it would rain either before or after the long-awaited concert. It did not. LOL.

The showers began on our drive to the park, but we still had one heck of a fantastic time under our umbrellas and laughing at all the inconvenient chaos bad weather brings.

Symphony setting up under the canopy
The sea of umbrellas
Excited, but already damp :)

Playing under her umbrella
Our blanket is so wet it's changing colors!

 So we decided to eat dinner before the concert and take dessert with us. All three of us got to pick what we wanted for dessert since we try to only do sweets on the weekend. Zach picked cookies from Earth Fare,
I brought one of my macaroon cups,
and Allie... Allie brought chocolate chip pancakes. LOL. I love this girl.

I think she might be the only person in the history of the world to eat pancakes on a picnic blanket, under an umbrella, while listening to a live symphony. :)

Allie's panoramic pic of the night
Even though we were pretty drenched, it was a super fun night we won't forget. For Allie and I, our favorite part was making funny facial expressions that matched the sounds of different instruments we were hearing. It was so fun, so silly, and definitely ended up in our memory book for last Sunday. :)

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