Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Parenting Preparation

So our summer with Allie is right around the corner. EEEK!!! :) I've been thinking a lot about our upcoming time together and how we will spend it - what activities to do, vacations to go on, adventures to have, etc. I've also been thinking a lot about what we want to teach her- things about life, God, love, etc. Even though we hate days without Allie, I am grateful for the chance to intentionally prepare for our time together instead of just being caught up in all the day-to-day "let's just survive today" challenges of parenthood.

While my own thoughts about our summer together have been bouncing around my head, I've stumbled across some great parenting articles that are helpful reminders for any parent. A big aspect of my job with Kids@FHC is finding/creating/implementing tools and resources for parents, to help them spiritually lead their families more effectively.

This article called How to miss a childhood, is from a local Salt Lake City newspaper and is a GREAT reminder for parents to unplug. Today's technology driven, social-networking world often times leaves us void in the relationship department. Zach and I love technology and feel the tension of this, but we will be choosing to leave our phones and Facebook's aside a bit more often to focus more on Al and building real, meaningful relationships.

In addition, this article called Bankrupt Parents from orangeparents.org is a great reminder for parents to make time for themselves. I know from personal experience that I will run myself completely ragged for our Allie and not give myself half a second to catch my breath. In the long run, this cycle ends up leaving you with nothing left to give. So in addition to unplugging we will be working hard to intentionally make time for us to unwind and refresh so Allie's gets our best.

For all our FHC families and for all our friends out there, I want to encourage you to become more and more intentional about talking to your kids, actually doing life with them and not just co-existing. It's so easy to get caught up in "managing life" that you don't realize you're actually missing it altogether.

Also, if families in Charlotte are looking for ways to serve together this summer, check out Freedom School Partners. We've been doing a supply drive to help them stock up for their summer programs, but you can also attend their daily pep rally, called Harambee! or sign up to be a Harambee Reader and read aloud to the kids. It's a fun easy way to get involved serving the local community and those in need.

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