Monday, May 14, 2012

Master Makeover

So I have FINALLY finished our master bedroom at Casa de Kale. It's been a slow process due to time, money, and finding the perfect thing, but we are finally there (pretty much :)).

I don't have any before photos, but just envision no furniture and walls a totally different color.

Aaaand after...
I wanted the space to be a place we could relax... and something a bit more... grand than the other bedrooms.
Bare tree branches hang above the bed with hanging tea light holders...
I am seriously MAD over these Dwell Studio "vintage plumes" in jade pillows. (Thanks Lindsay for making them for me :)). I discovered that if I ordered a $5 "swatch" of the fabric from Dwell it was a 17" x 17" piece of fabric. So I ordered 3 more swatches instead of buying it by the yard ($56.00 a yd). Savings! Yes!
These little vintage delights were found in Florida by my mom/aunt. Mom got them for my birthday and I repainted them to go with the scheme/ lighter blue tone in the accent fabric.

New hardware from Anthro
And of course, our owl lamps named Evanrude and Agnes. 
Oh, and seriously love these silk drapes with the button detailing at the top. Maybe my favorite window coverings in the house.
Other side of the room with a clean, simple dresser...
Wedding pics, a block graphic about silly love, and paper-mache antlers above it. The antlers are actually made from recycled materials by artisans who are a part of the Aid for Artisans organization.
My dried wedding bouquet.
And that's all folks! Hope you enjoyed the pics!

If anyone is interested in some design help/ services, contact me! I do some residential stuff on the side when time permits and clients need help!

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