Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Forever Friends

Last weekend I went up to Durham, NC to visit my lifelong friend Susan. Suz and I have been friends since she moved to DeLand when I was in the 6th grade. From mission trips to high school volleyball matches, and college life to married life, Suz has been a forever friend and anchor in my life. I am so grateful God brought our paths together some...17 years ago? (Yikes! :)) and blessed me with such a kindred spirit.

(Side note: This trip was the third time I have gone out of town without Zach since we've been married and it's so strange to be apart! Due to living so close to where we work, I rarely drive in Charlotte. Even most errands and appointments Zach and I do together so being behind the wheel for almost 3 hours by myself was a foreign experience for me. Ha! Luckily I had some good tunes to keep me company. )
Anyways, it was so great to hang out with Suz, her husband Brian, and her sweet/hilarious/"so dang adorable you could squeeze him to death" son William. Suz and Brian make parenting look so easy! (but I know it is not. :))

Anyways, while in Durham we took a little tour of Duke University. I had never seen it before and wanted to check out this infamous campus Brian is attending.

Cute Will in the car. I love his curly hair.
Will running through the Duke Gardens
Unique plants

Lily pads in the coy pond
 Watching the fishies
Cutest fam of 3, soon to be 4!
Friends forever
All of Duke looks like this- gobs of stacked stone and Gothic architecture.
Duke Chapel (it's so tall I couldn't get it all in the pic!)
A giant red Bible
This bench must be old. It's got a cross on it. 
While in Durham, we also went to the State Fair. It was so fun to see a "typical fair" through Will's eyes. 

A tractor parade
Waving at the tractors/ drivers
Coolest tractor ever - turquoise and orange
Fair food (if only I could!)
At least Suz and Baby Girl F got to enjoy some funnel cake
I love the yo-yo
This was Will's first experience with any sort of ride. He was a bit uninterested, but he did end up giving these two a go. 
Sliding with his daddy
Petting zoo!

Fun times!
And the post fair fun exhaustion :) Love this little guy.
I also enjoyed getting to see Angel, Suz's crazy cat. She certainly seems like she's the queen of everything...
I seriously had such a blast spending quality time talking with all the Forester's over many meals
and also watching Will work on is putting skills. (He's so funny! I seriously cannot get enough of him!)
Love you so so much Suz, Brian, and Will! I treasure our time together and hope it happens again soon while you're still NC residents! Thanks for having me!

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