Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dried Up Golfing Strawberries

Sorry I have been MIA on the blog lately. This FAID is wrecking my life! I've learned a lot about myself over the past 5 weeks and one thing I know for sure is that food brings me joy. Constantly starving and not being able to enjoy meals or create meals has majorly begun to affect my attitude, creativity, and zest for life.

Saying that out loud makes me feel pathetic. I feel like I should be able to handle this. I should be stronger than this. But... I honestly feel that God made us to enjoy food. The Bible is filled with stories of feasts and festivals, people gathered in community and breaking bread, even heaven is described as an abundant banquet table. We were made to love food. It is our physical life source after all.

Eating is also the only activity that involves all 5 senses. Think about it. Nothing is more sensory and therefore has more potential for enjoyment than eating. At first, I thought I could change my mindset about food and treat it as medicine, strictly as something that just sustains my life, but I can't. I LOVE food. I LOVE eating. I LOVE eating with other people. I LOVE going out to restaurants and trying new things. I LOVE creating delicious and beautiful meals. I LOVE cooking for others. It's just..a part of who I am that I cannot change nor do I want to.

So needless to say, I'm counting down the days until this is over and I can resume a more normal lifestyle. It won't be what it was before, but I should at least have a lot more choices and be able to have a cheat day or unhealthy meal occasionally.

Due to my depression (LOL!), and some strange physical symptoms I was having, Dr. Song up'ed my calories to 1500 per day, almost double what I've been doing. YES. AND he is having me re-introduce some starches (like potatoes. Hallelujah, my fav!) as well as Kefir. I seriously have never been so happy to see a sweet potato!
I also found frozen kefir which is like frozen yogurt. OMG! This tastes omazing!
So far, my tummy has been able to handle it and I'm happy about that. Praise God!

Now that I have more in my belly, my temporarily dried up creative juices and pizzazz are beginning to flow again so here I am writing. :)

This past weekend was the PGA Tour Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow Golf Course just 3 minutes from our house. Our friend Webb was playing in the tournament so Zach and I headed to see him tee off against Tiger Woods on Friday. This was the first time I've been to a PGA tournament or really even been on a golf course. Zach and I had a great time walking the incredibly beautiful grounds and watching Webb do his thing and Tiger...well, not do his thing. Ha!

So... even though you aren't suppose to take pics, I did anyway. I know I know! Im such a rule breaker, but I couldn't resist! If anyone associated with PGA (or Webb) is offended by this I will take them down, but you know me... a camera is rarely out of my hand. :)

Boarding the shuttle with my ticket
 Webb putting and Tiger leaning
 I snuck a pic of Z when he wasn't looking. Love him!
Webb teeing off
The cutest spectator at the course :)

Following one golfer is very demanding on the spectator. You are pretty much power walking the entire time, watching them hit and then racing to the next place the ball is or to the green. If I could have eaten a hot dog or Ben & Jerry's, I would have loved to just sit down in one place and watch all the golfers play through like a "true" spectator. :)
The rich folk :)
All lined up while Webb hits
Waiting at the green for Tiger to find his ball lost in the woods. LOL.
Not long into the tournament I got distracted from golf and completely obsessed with all the houses and lawns lining the course. This is someone's yard!
And so is this! Crazy!
See that man on the left in the red shirt? He was a "shhher." Apparently at golf tournaments you have to be completely quiet and you can't even walk when someone is playing nearby. It's so insane to me. Really? It makes a difference? My golfer friend Laura says it does.
On Sunday, Zach and I went back to see Webb finish up. This is a shot of the 18th fairway/ green. Notice all the crowds gathered in the distance. It was crazy how many people were at the course!
All in all we had a great first PGA experience and enjoyed Quail Hollow while supporting our friend.

On Saturday, I went down to Fort Mill to help out Forest Hill's booth at the Strawberry Festival. We had a lot of activities for kids to do like painting, bracelet making, and drawing. They loved it!

In addition to all this excitement, Zach and I had friends in town visiting which fed my soul more than the sweet potatoes fed my belly! My friend and old co-worker Laura from Atlanta was in town to see her parents and go to the golf tournament. My old roommate Brenae and her husband Tyler were here for a wedding, and Justin and Jenny (Justin and Zach have been friends for about 7 years) came up from Athens Sunday and stayed the night. Hooray for friends and fellowship. We love ya'll!

Sigh. I love a good weekend. And I love being back to my old self, well... mostly. :) 5 weeks to go! I can do this!

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