Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two Weeks Down

So I've officially completed 2 weeks of this FAID (food allergy inflicted diet). Hooray! Only 6 more weeks to go!


At my appointment with Dr. Song this week he was super pleased with how I am improving.  Among other things, apparently my eyes are even brighter (yes my eye balls themselves) and the dark circles under my eyes have gone away completely. That is, unless I smear mascara there of course. Ha!

He had me do an IonCleanse foot bath to remove toxins and general...gunk from my body. That was...well... interesting. It's very scientific, dealing with molecular science and such, but apparently it works. If it doesn't, I'm not sure where all this gunk came from.

A few minutes into the cleanse
About 20 minutes into the clease
At the beginning of the cleanse the water is clear, but as the ionization process happens, toxins start leaving your body through osmosis and the color changes. Color indicates what organ of your body released the toxins and is detoxifying.

Anyways, after my exam Dr. Song felt strongly that I have a parasite (is anyone else completely revolted by this or is it just me?) and recommended I take some magic drops (that's what I call them, not Dr. Song!) to clear it up. I have to do that for the next 2 weeks and THEN I will start my 6-week GI Repair program.


So yes, make that 10 weeks and counting that I have to do this crazy diet. Hopefully I will finish this thing just prior to our "Tour of the southern coast" family vacay. I really really want to enjoy meals with my family during this time! (Don't rain on my parade Dr. Song.)

In general I am getting use to it, but eating out or with other people who don't eat like a rabbit can be hard. (Please see my last post about the rice meltdown at Ruby Tuesday!)

I am getting pretty bored with my dinners and am desperate for some new quick snack items besides carrots and rice cakes. I also would kill for a piece of fruit! Ha! But the ban on fruit and all things sugar continues.

My typical snack - plan rice cake topped with mashed avocado, EVOO, and sea salt with carrots.
I still feel good though, have no more stomach/digestive problems, have lost a few more lbs., and have not lost any energy. All of this still amazes me considering my thyroid issue and the removal of my medication.

This weekend is my birthday and I am not looking forward to it at all. Who wants to celebrate a birthday without a fabulous dinner and cake?! Maybe I'll go drown my sorrows in Anthropologie goodness instead. :)

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