Sunday, April 1, 2012

P Day

So during Allie's spring break we took a trip to the park to paint. And to picnic. At the aforementioned park. Because of all the p's in my previous three sentences, we decided to call this "P Day." Even our picnic lunch - full of some of Al's favorite things included PB&J, Pringles, and pears. We seriously had such a ridiculously fun time doing this and using p words during our "P Day".

We set up shop on the south end of Freedom Park under some very lovely River Birch trees. The weather was simply gorgeous that day, about 75 degrees and with a slight breeze. Allie and I marveled all day along about how perfect everything was. A P Day success!

Allie with the picnic basket

Our picnic table
Lunch. PB&J made with apple pie preserves and sour cream and onion pringles. (Pears not pictured.)
For P Day, Al renamed chocolate-covered strawberries "prelonas" and chocolate-covered oreos "pirouettes" because, and I quote, "both those words sound fancy."
Our lunch book. Allie saw this book at Anthro and wanted to buy it with her own money. Luckily I found it online for half the price. :) It's a truly inspiring architectural book of the most interesting and organic spaces. I love love love that she loves this type of stuff.
Sketching first
Paint supplies

So see all the photos from P Day, go to Urban Cotton.

Seriously such a fun day and great memory with my gal. We love P Day!

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