Thursday, April 12, 2012

One Week Down

So FAID (food allergy inflicted diet) update! I've successfully completed 1 week of at least 8 weeks of this new diet that eliminates all my food allergies as well as my previously prescribed meds for my thyroid problem. Wahoo!

It's been hard, but I haven't cheated... because I can't... and I have been stunned with the success of this so far. Here are the deets. Since I started this last Wednesday I've had no stomach problems whatsoever - no bloating, stomach aches, grumbling and groaning (other than hunger pains!), and no umm... unpleasant trips to the restroom. Ha!

I've also had no headaches, no cravings (I thought this would certainly happen since I have no sugar in my diet now), and no energy loss (I thought this would happen by stopping my meds). In fact, I might have more energy now.

Oh and bonus, I've lost about 7 lbs. Ha! There is an upside to all this craziness!

I also have had to find new "guilty pleasures" including pickles, steak, and a rice cake topped with mashed avocado, olive oil, and sea salt. I also now really like and look forward to the nasty looking green shake I drink twice a day with rice milk. Rice has definitely become my new best friend - rice milk, cooked rice, rice cakes... they are by far the most filling things in my diet right now (other than the occasional steak).

So far, it looks like Dr. Song knows what's up and that this is the right thing for my body. I will be so curious to see what happens in the weeks to come and if in fact my food allergies/antibodies count/Hashimoto's condition are significantly better because of just diet changes alone. Stay tuned!

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