Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Green Thumbs

Also during spring break, Allie and I did some gardening. Allie loves everything about the outdoors, but she especially loves plants. As previously mentioned she wants to be a landscape architect and design spaces like the Opryland Hotel.

Our project together was just slightly less ambitious and consisted of starting a herb and vegetable garden on our lower patio.

We went to Rountree Plantation, a super awesome and ridiculously gorgeous nursery. Allie and I spent a lot of time just marveling at the textures, colors, and beauty of all sorts of plants and flowers here.

We both love succulents. They are so unique and beautiful.
These tree slices (as I call them) were also so incredible.
Al in the ivy arch.
Biggest, most beautiful hydrangeas EVER.
Allie in the tree shrubs
Allie with our herbs and veggies!
Al reading up on the bleeding heart plant
And she decided to get one. This one to be exact! :)
Debra at Rountree taught us a container gardening trick while we were there. Instead of using rocks for drainage at the bottom of a pot, use packing peanuts! They are cheaper and lighter while achieving the same goal. Done and done!
So cute.
The "before" patio pic
The "after" patio pic with our new garden

Love love love the smell of basil
First watering
And I love creeping jenny! This one will go in a planter on the front stoop.
Gardening girls. Hooray!
I am hoping I can keep this garden alive through the summer and have enough herbs that I never have to buy them at the grocery store. Fingers crossed!

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