Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter is the most important time of year if you are a christian, that is if you believe God sent his son Jesus to live a perfect life, to die on the cross for all our sin, and to be risen from the dead so that we could be with God for eternity. Since Z and I work at a church, I'm sure you can guess that a lot of our time and energy is spent preparing for such a special holiday and time of year.

Our church had over 8,500 people come and celebrate Jesus death and resurrection at one of our 3 campuses. At South Park (where we work) it was a whirlwind since we had 2 services Saturday night and 3 on Sunday. Even though people were pouring in and out of the buildings non stop, I couldn't help but marvel at what a gift it is to serve at a church. Zach stands before thousands of people every weekend and I stand before hundreds of children, sharing the gospel, explaining why Jesus matters, and hoping they develop a personal relationship with our incredible God.

It's so humbling. And shocking. That God would use us. As I stood in the sanctuary during one of the main services and watched Zach lead a song he had written recently, tears streamed down my face as I realized the magnitude of this gift and also the responsibility. Thank you Jesus for using broken people like us.

Here are a few pics from the weekend. I didn't take a ton cause I didn't have time and the spaces were too dark for good pics with the ol' iphone.

For elementary aged kids, we did a series of eight interactive displays so they could experience the Easter story. At each display there was something they could taste, touch, smell, see, hear etc. They also got a small "artifact" (this is the Exploratorium after all!) at each display to put in their bag to help them remember the Easter story, things like a leaf for the Garden of Gethsemane, a thorn for the beating of Christ, a nail for when he's put on the cross, and a piece of cloth for when they find the tomb empty.

Here's a group of boys up in the "upper room" enjoying some of the Passover meal and talking about the last supper.
And of course, the empty tomb, everyone's favorite display! This was built out of the Exploratorium's garage/workshop space.
Hooray! He is alive!

After church, Zach and I had a lazy afternoon and then grilled steak. YES. This FAID (food allergy inflicted diet) has me starving pretty much constantly. It was so so nice to feel full from a delicious steak. A steak that looked a lot like California I might add. Ha!
We also went on a walk at the park to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Charlotte has been breathtaking lately. Gosh! We love this city.
Thank you Jesus for such a lovely Easter and for the opportunity to do your work and share you with others, not just on Easter but everyday of the year.

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