Sunday, April 22, 2012


So yesterday was my 29th birthday. So crazy to think 30 is just around the corner for me. Ack! Even though I wasn't able to have a birthday cake this year, Zach and I found new ways to celebrate and I honestly didn't miss the cake at all. :)

On Friday we went to Carowinds for the first time, the local amusement park in Charlotte. Carowinds has like a zillion roller coasters and a handful of other more classic rides.
One of my favorites was WindSeeker  - the tallest ride at Carowinds. It swings you around while providing aerial views of Charlotte. (Pictured above in the bottom right corner.) To say goodbye to 28, I sat in seat 29 on the Yo-yo! (Pictured above in the bottom left corner.)

I also love the carousel. For some reason, riding a painted, plastic pony around in a circle never grows old for me. I love it! I picked Nelson, the Americana themed horse because his name was Nelson and he had gold hair. :)
This was also the first time Zach and I did a roller coaster lying down (Nighthawk, pictured upper left). This was kinda freaky since you feel yourself dangling in the harness!
This was also the first time we did a roller coaster standing up (the Vortex). Also kinda strange! I think our favorite roller coaster was the Intimidator, the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in the southeast! We did the bumper cars and a few other non-roller coaster rides as well as a 3d Sponge Bob experience. We did not know in advance the show was about Sponge Bob. BIG surprise for us when it began. Ha!

All in all we had a great time and it was the perfect distraction from my FAID. :)

On Saturday (my actual birthday), I opened gifts from Z, which included a new candle from Anthro and Anthro gift card. Yayuh. :)

I got dressed up in my fav lady bug dress and spent my afternoon shopping around town.
See the bugs?
At Anthro I found some great deals, including $118 shorts on sale for $9.95 (yes!) and new glass pulls for the vintage nightstands mom got me. I can't wait to repaint them and get them in our bedroom! 

Vintage nightstands waiting to be redone
(from upper right: new shorts, candle from Z, Anthro wrapping, and the new glass pulls!)
That night, Zach grilled me the most delicious steak. He had researched techniques for grilling and seasoning so it was perfect! Not to mention it had a candle in it (as well as my afternoon rice cake with avocado). :)
Also, one of my birthday treats included having steak sauce. Pretty much all the food on my FAID is dry so having a sauce of some kind was divine! (Pictured below, upper left.)
In addition, Zach went and found me a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free dessert. He is so sweet! It even had barely any sugar in it. Ha! I know it sounds horrible, but that macaroon chocolate cup was AMAZING and an incredible treat during my FAID. My late night snack included some blueberries and blackberry preserves (all pictures above.) 

I seriously felt so spoiled yesterday, even without a single piece of cake or "real" dessert. 

Thanks Z for making my day so great and for loving me so much. You are the bestest and I am so ridiculously blessed to be your wife. 

So here's to 29! I hope my last year as a twenty-something is my happiest, healthiest, most Christ-centered year yet! 

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