Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break

So our spring break week with Al just came to a close. Goodbyes (or "see you soons") are always rough for all of us and filled with Allie hoping and praying something goes wrong and causes a flight delay. Although we appreciate the sentiment, we never hope something goes wrong with her plane! Ha! Oh Al... how sweet and innocent you are.

Anyways, back to the fun stuff.... As usual, our week was action packed. Here are the deets...

Friday night we had dinner at home and then went and played games in the Advance basement, one of Allie's favorite places!
Saturday, no pics. What is wrong with me?!

Sunday lunch at Mellow Mushroom (sadly I have no pics of Allie playing with church friends this week. Blast!)
And Z's wearing the knitted tie my sister made him. Awesomeness.
Monday was filled with hanging out at the Carsons and going to a Bobcats game.

Drawing with AG

That night, we took the train downtown to the arena for the game.
Zach and Ian. (Ian is Z's brother and he came for the week too.)
This was Allie and Ian's first NBA game.
Allie, in her usual spunky, creative way, wore 3 hair bows for the occasion- "1 for style, and 2 for team spirit," she said. Ha! She also brought a bag to the game full of art supplies, a canvas, and a giant feather.

Allie's drawing
I seriously adore this girl and her weird ways. HA! It often reminds me of my artist friend Whitney who has the most beautiful outlook on life of anyone I've ever met and is also the most creative person I've ever met. Allie is so much like her it's scary sometimes, so I try to allow this uninhibited creativity to flourish like I'm sure Whit's parents did.
Tuesday was filled with more hang time with friends and laser tag at Sports Connection.

Team blue, plus me
A flower hairband, her new favorite dress, and a gameface. Love. This. Girl.
We ended up playing 5 games and by the end of it, all of us were pouring sweat and exhausted. Ha!

Wednesday was filled with helping out at Kids@FHC and preparing for our big Easter exhibit. Allie LOVED helping sort all the items kids will receive while going through the exhibit and helping Mr. Bill construct some "empty tombs"!

Mr. Bill showing Al how to work the saw. (This simultaneously makes me proud and terrified. Ha!)
A pro

Allie and I also had an impromptu picnic at FHC that day and thoroughly enjoyed the gorgeous weather and golf-course like grounds at the church.

We are especially fond of this old, cedar tree near my office.
Allie also spent most her day playing with the two birds that belong to the children's ministry. She affectionately named them Cherry and Dennis. Lol.
The animal experience continued later on when Al, the nature girl, caught a lizard at the house. She named him/her? Apple Pie.

We also went and saw The Lorax Wednesday night. Allie had been asking to see this Dr. Seuss movie since February so we were happy to finally take her. In lieu of the occasion, Allie and I got all "flowered up" (we dressed up in flowery clothes and wore flowers in our hair) for the night.

We actually watched a TON of movies this week including The Adventures of Tin Tin, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Tom and Huck. I guess it's become sorta our spring break routine to eat dinner and then cozy up for a movie in the living room. We also introduced Al to the old tv show Saved by the Bell that we all loved growing up. Watching it as an adult is hilarious by the way. I had no idea how cheesy the show was! Ha! Oh well... another generation can find enjoyment in it. :)

We also introduced Allie to Oh's, the best cereal on the planet that no one seems to know about (except Brenae Barrett and Adam Witkop). Allie loved this crunchy, sweet goodness just as much as us and enjoyed it for breakfast some mornings. What a great treat!

Thursday was "P Day" for me and Allie. It was as it sounds, a day filled with 'p' things- painting, a picnic, the park, and all our lunch food started with the letter 'p'! It was so incredibly fun. I will post a lot of pics from this tomorrow, but here's one for now.
And on Friday, Allie and I did some gardening. Al LOVES plants and flowers and aspires to be a landscape architect. I'm completely serious. (Aren't you proud dad?) I asked her, "If you could be really really really good at one thing, anything - art, music, etc. what would it be?", and she said, "Landscaping. I want to do landscaping like at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel." Again, she is a total gem and you never know what creative, inspiring aspirations are going to come out of her mouth. :)

Anyways, so Allie and I took a trip to the best nursery EVER, Rountree Plantation. This place was breathtaking and humongous. It had every type of plant ever and the people that work there were so helpful. Thanks Debra for all your recommendations! I will post more pics from this adventure later, but here's one for now. :)
Allie and I got a lot of herbs and some fruits and vegetables as well as some plants for the containers on our front steps. Also, Allie bought a bleeding heart plant for herself since she loves unusual plants.

We had a great time putting together all our containers and getting this growing started. I am hopeful that I will not have to buy any herbs this year from the grocery store!

On Friday, we had lunch at Flying Biscuit, per Allie's request.
Daddy-daughter love outside the mall

Gosh we love you Al and every single second you are here. Those 5 weeks in the summer just can't get here fast enough - for any of us! :) See you soon!

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