Saturday, March 10, 2012

Liberty for All

So it's been a super busy week for me and I apologize for my absence from the blog. It's seriously been crazy!

On Monday I went and saw Dr. Song for the first time. Dr. Song is a chiropractor/ acupuncturist/ Chinese medicine guru and has sort of become legendary in our little local community. Many of the people who work and attend our church see Dr. Song and he's sort of a miracle worker. Ha! He's done everything from "cure" cancer to straighten teeth... all in an extremely naturopathic way. Zach started seeing Dr. Song when he hurt his back back in the fall. For the past week, I had been struggling with a head cold that would just not let up. I was miserable, missing work, and just... unable to function normally. So... in I went to see "the Dr. Song."

It was a very interesting experience, hearing his insights on illness, his concerns about medication, and having acupuncture for the first time. (Side note: I had seen another naturopathic doc while living in Atlanta so this alternative medicine stuff was not totally foreign to me.) Anyways, Dr. Song sent me home with a silver supplement, a ginger-pear tea recipe, and some other home remedies to begin doing to clear up my congestion and infection.

And I was cleared up the next day. Seriously. It was crazy!

Anyways, in addition to all that I've been working, a bit longer than normal, since our new website is about to launch. Lots of final details to worry about and get in place. I also sorta... co-hosted a clothing/accessory swap party for the 10th/11th grade girls from our church. Weekly, I co-lead a 10th grade girls LifeGroup with my friend Bethany. In addition to their Sunday night program, we are doing a book study on Wednesday nights. Anyways, all that to say, we had a swap party for all the LifeGroups Friday night. I had never done this type of party before, but it was super fun. I even left with some good "new" finds!

Also on Friday, Zach and I FINALLY tried The Liberty. We've been talking about this restaurant for forever and always wanted to go. Zach finally went with a co-worker a week or two ago and said it was great so naturally, I HAD to try it for myself. :)

The Liberty is a Gastropub located in the South End district.


Graphic wall, bar beyond
Since it's rumored to be "the best burger in Charlotte," I had to try the Liberty burger. And it did not disappoint. Or the crispy parm fries.
The burger was the tallest burger I've ever had.
If you haven't been to The Liberty, check it out! We love it and it's a great "blow all your calories in one sitting" type of place.

We love living in Charlotte!

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