Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Need to Know

So I don't read blogs much, but lately I've been looking for some new cooking inspiration. THIS GIRL needs some new fabulous recipes. Anywho, my recipe hunt led me back to a website I haven't visited in ages, The Pioneer Woman. If you don't know who The Pioneer Woman is, YOU must be from the 20th century. Ha!

Ree Drummond, also known as "The Pioneer Woman" is the woman behind this "Martha-Stewart-on-steroids" website. She lives on a ranch out in who knows where with her husband (a rancher), 4 kids, and dog.
She homeschools, cooks incredibly fabulous meals, gardens, is a photographer (of everything especially food), travels for fun, for appearances, and for book signings (did I mention she's got a few cookbooks out?!)
She is also a storyteller/writer sharing stuff from her family's life and just this year started her own Food Network tv show called, you guessed it, The Pioneer Woman.

And she writes about it all. Daily. She does all those things listed above and THEN edits her photos, writes about everything, and then posts it on her mega-blog style website. ???!!!

Ok, seriously Ree?! SERIOUSLY?! How do you do it? You must have at least 20 people working for you! Tell the truth!

I've tried to do research on this and googled everything from "Pioneer Woman how does she do it" to "who works for the Pioneer Woman" and... nuthin'.

And it takes about 1 minute and 37 seconds reading her website to figure out this chick is no pioneer woman. She's got more kitchen gadgets and appliances than William Sonoma! Plus a gigantic and fabulous (and constantly being re-designed) home affectionately called "The Lodge" and some humongous piece of property out west. She has seemingly unlimited resources so she has to have worker bees helping her pull it off. Right?

How. Does. She. Do. It. All.

I need to know.

Because I certainly can't. I try, but it's impossible! Just cooking and photographing and writing about meals ALONE is time-consuming enough! Seriously! (And side note: How does she take cooking pics of herself pouring something or scooping something? It's impossible to hold a DSLR camera steady with one hand. They are too heavy. Does she have freaky super strength too?!) Ok... back to bizz... so throw in meal-planning and grocery shopping to all that and that's just like... 1/6th of her website.  This chick HAS to have personal assistants. That's assistantS... plural.

Ree. Share your secret. And if you do do it all yourself, share your recipe for your crack-laced superwoman abilities on the website. I will mostly definitely whip up a batch of whatever keeps you going and accomplishing so much.

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