Saturday, March 3, 2012

Family, a Friend, and a Farmer's Market

This week, Zach and I have been blessed with many people in our life visiting Charlotte for various conferences. 

My cousin Ginny who lives out in Lacey, Washington was here this week and we were able to grab dinner with her and her friend Richel Tuesday night in between their sessions.

Me and Gin at RiRa downtown
On Thursday night, my sister Lindsay was in town for a concert. She sings in a professional choir called Festival Singers of Florida. They were performing at a conference in Winston Salem and came through Charlotte for one concert at Myers Park Presbyterian Church. 
The church is very beautiful with lots of traditional details.

Pipe organ
That's her. On the left.
To hear some of the concert, watch this!
(pauce music player below before watching)
And last, but not least, Brian (who pastored a church Zach was on staff with back in Decatur, GA) came to stay while he was in town for yet another conference.  We had a fun time catching up and also trying out a new restaurant called Barrington's. Thanks for taking us Brian!
Barrington's is almost a secret, tucked away in the side of an unsuspecting shopping center. The entrance is hidden from view and easily missed altogether. The interior is an extremely cozy intimate space of only 13 tables. 
We had an incredible server and the food was rich and divine. Wish I had better pics, but it was dark inside, as usual. I tried out a few things for the very first time including foie gras (duck liver) which is surprisingly delicious. It was served Sesame Crusted with scallion pancake, blood orange salad and white tea and ginger syrup.
I also had rabbit for the first time, in a traditional pot pie dish. O-mazing. 
Incredibly creamy mashed potatoes
Lastly I has ginger cake served with frozen apricot yogurt. Very unique.
Zach had the roasted Red Snapper served with confit potatoes, broccoli, melted leeks and a champagne-caviar emulsion
and he had the seasonal fruit cobbler with homemade vanilla bean ice cream for dessert.
Brian had the slow braised Pork Osso Bucco, served with grain mustard Quadrettini, mustard greens, root vegetables and a dijon-pork reduction and the decadent chocolate pudding for dessert.
All of it was impeccable. I love fancy food. 

And also non-fancy food. Which brings me to the farmer's market we visited this week. I am in the process of looking for some alternative food sources besides chain grocery stores so Z and I visited the Charlotte Regional Farmer's Market. I adore farmer's markets. When living in Atlanta I'd always shop at the Dekalb Farmer's Market. One of my favorite places out in Seattle is the Pike Place Market. Yes, the place they "throw the fish". There's just something so refreshing and natural and GORGEOUS about farmer's markets. Grocery store produce sections are pretty too, but there's something special about seeing heaps of food in natural daylight that really inspires me. 
In my opinion, some of God's best artwork is food and flowers. The colors and textures and shapes are so incredibly beautiful.
Beautiful piles

Sugar cane
Fresh flowers
Love tulips
Simply gorgeous. 
And what a great week. I am so thankful for friends, family, food, and incredibly inspiring places like farmer's markets. 

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