Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Allie's Heaven

So Allie is here right now for spring break. That should explain my MIAness here on Citizens. Lots of quality time with our girl going on right now. Anyways, I will be posting a plethora of photos from this week and updating you on our latest adventures, but I wanted to share Allie's recent description of heaven. This week, I've been writing some lessons for the Exploratorium (elementary school large group environment) and the week following Easter is on heaven. I asked Allie what she thought heaven was like and quickly jotted down what she said.

Allie's heaven
"Heaven is like a big city with all these kind, loving people in it. Some of the buildings are tall, but they are all covered in rubies and jewels. The jewels are stuck in the walls of all the buildings. There are golden roads cause God likes gold and a wall made entirely of pearls. Right in the middle of the city is Jesus and God and there are seven old people sitting around them. There are seven lamps and seven chairs, obviously, that the old people are sitting in and they are reading. There is no sun in heaven because God is this sun. And bees don't have stingers because it is so peaceful. Nothing can hurt anybody. You can even pet a lion and they won't be mean to you." 
I love this girl. And I love her description of heaven. Pieces of biblical truth and her childlike perspective woven together to make a beautiful image. She gives me a new perspective on all things, all the time and I am so blessed to not only call her "daughter" but "friend."

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