Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Water Project

One of Kids@FHC's core values is opening our arms to the world and serving those in need. Because of this, we work hard to be honest with kids, open their eyes to needs in our world, and empower them to share the love of Jesus, serve, and make a difference.

This past weekend we launched a water project fundraising campaign with kids ages 3 - 5th grade. The international water crisis is something we care about and something that really resonates with kids. Many of them were stunned and speechless to find out people in our world don't have clean drinking water and can't just go to their kitchen to get a drink or their bathroom to take a bath.

Watch this WaterMissions video to learn more about the crisis.
(Pause music player below before watching.)

For the water project, every kid in our ministry got an empty Kids@FHC water bottle to take home and fill up with coins, bills, whatever to contribute to our goal of $5000. 
Buckets of bottles to give away
Out with the dirty, in with the clean
Since I was teaching in The Art Studio, I got to share this project with our preschoolers and our passion to help get people clean water. They were so excited to help and love others in this way. Because of this global focus, we kicked off the water project by painting a map of earth. 

(Earth is upside down so the north pole could be painted. :))
I was so overwhelmed to see the response of kids and parents alike to this cause and to the project. They were so pumped! Many left saying, "I'm gonna have a lemonade stand!" or "I'm gonna give all the money in my piggy bank." Two kids from our Ballantyne campus even went door to door in their neighborhood Sunday afternoon and raised $50 each! 

Kids have such compassion and sometimes we forget that they can do a lot. They can help. They can make a difference. Their hearts are often unhindered and their imaginations limitless. We should never squelch this, but enable it to thrive. You never know what God can do through a child, especially one that loves Him and wants to love others too.

If you know any kids at FHC collecting for the water project, give! It's a great cause and not only helps people in great need, but helps kids see that they can have a huge impact and make a difference in the world.

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