Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Zach and I have had a great long weekend with our Allie here in Charlotte. It's always a joy to have her home with us and hear her foot steps through the house and see signs of her presence. This was a particularly special weekend because it was the first one in over a year that Zach and I both had off from work. It felt so strange not being at the church for all the services, but it was a blessing to have uninterrupted quality time with Allie.

We've had a super fun time, as always, but here are some of the highlights.

For me, my favorite sweet moments have been:
  • going to wake Allie up one morning and finding her asleep on her Allie's Adventures book, the book we made for her of all the things we did last year
  • sitting in her room drawing floor plans with her and talking about our dream houses
  • watching Nicholas Nickleby (one of my old favorites) while eating chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Allie coming down for dinner one night dressed as an "Anthropologie model."
This weekend Zach and I introduced Allie to a few "new" things including the movie Back to the Future, the tv show Inspector Gadget, and the game laser tag. We all had a blast over at Laser Quest and can't wait to go play again.

Z and Al. These shoes were made for playing.
Almost ready to play! One more phase to go before game time.

Zach and I also treated Allie to Kabuto, her favorite Japanese steakhouse

and made some pizzas at home another night.
Allie always loves to dress up and looks for any opportunity to wear a costume or create a unique look. Here she is rocking at least 7 or 8 hair accessories at one time. Ha!

And of course, a weekend in Charlotte would not be complete without time at FHC. Allie loves to be at church, in the Exploratorium, and playing with her friends.

Playing the wii with Annie in one of our offices
Allie also always writes Zach messages on the whiteboard in his office. I've posted pictures of her notes a few times because they are always cute or really funny. This time, Allie's creativity did not disappoint in either category. I've spliced it together so you can read her message easier.
Yes. Her business strategy involved robots and fighting. She's hilarious and truly one of a kind. :)

We love you Al and can't wait to have you home for Spring Break!

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