Saturday, February 4, 2012


This past week, Zach received a very special (and very fragile!) package in the mail.
For months we have been anticipating the completion and arrival of his custom-built Elloree guitar. Like us, this guitar has a good story, and we were so jazzed to finally see/ hear it play and share all the details of this musical adventure on the blog.

In the quiet, country of northern Louisiana, the nicest, most humble luthier named Rick builds these incredible solid wood, string instruments.
To learn more about Rick, click here.

A few years back, Zach randomly heard about Rick while visiting a guitar shop in Gulf Shores, AL. Ever since he's wanted to commission Rick for an acoustic guitar, but something always came up and prevented him from moving forward. After selling two guitars this fall, Zach decided it was finally time to call up Rick and place an order.

The process of this guitar designing/building was so interesting and unlike any other guitar buying experience.  Zach specified the body shape/style, materials to be used (cedar and black walnut), coloring... pretty much every detail of the guitar.

Occasionally we'd get notes from Rick, written on index cards, updating us on where he was in the process.

Last week, it was finally completed and we were so impressed with the finished product. It's so simple, yet so unique.

Interior label
Over the course of his musical career, Zach's had at least 20 different guitars, ranging from $1100 Taylors to $5500 McPhersons. Of all those guitars, this one is his favorite and has reignited his passion for songwriting. He just can't put it down! :)

Now I know you must be wondering, "How much does a custom, hand-built guitar cost?" Well get ready to fall out of your chair. This incredibly beautiful, solid wood (cedar top and black walnut body), Elloree acoustic cost $650 + shipping. Yep. That's all.

Are you kidding me?! That's crazy cheap!

It's the cheapest one Zach's ever purchased and it sounds fantastic and is excellently made. (In contrast, Zach's handmade Lowden from Ireland retails for just under $5000.)

If anyone out there needs a guitar, whether you are an amateur or professional musician, contact Rick and have one made. In addition to guitars, he also builds dulcimers, lap steels, and banjos. It's seriously such a good investment and something that is so special to us (like Zach's dad's first Gibson) that we will treasure forever. I know that if Allie continues playing guitar, we'll have one built for her too.

Thanks Rick for sharing your incredible skill and overflowing kindness with us. Your guitar is simply beautiful- a work of art, and Zach is so thrilled to have it!


  1. Looks beautiful and amazing. I have been considering having Rick build one for me for a few years. This post with these great photos have just about sold me. How has your husband liked the guitar now that it has been over a year? Would love to get some feedback from him about it.

  2. I'm also interested in how he likes the guitar after 3 years!