Sunday, February 12, 2012

Frolicking in the 4th Ward

Last Friday Zach and I went exploring in an area of town we really haven't been to - the Old Fourth Ward. (Side note: Does every city have an Old Fourth Ward?!)

Anyways, we had plans to try out a new restaurant, Alexander Michael's and stumbled across such a lovely little pocket of character in our beautiful city.

The Old Fourth Ward is mainly comprised of Victorian homes and some are quite spectacular.

Old truck

Alexander Michael's is an quaint tavern tucked away in this turn of the century neighborhood.
In 1897 the building opened as the Crowell-Berryhill Store, the local general store and community center. It's been Alexander Michael's since the early 80's and has maintained it's classic charm.

The interior is incredibly dark (which I love), but makes picture taking almost impossible. Ha!
My 3-cheese melt and cajun fries. Zach's chicken pita was delish too.
After lunch we headed over to Amelie's for a small treat and coffee. I love mini chocolate raspberry tarts
and mini chocolate mousse cups
It was a great afternoon and I look forward to our next off-day Charlotte adventure. I hope we can stay in the habit of going out and exploring new places as often as we can!

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