Monday, February 27, 2012

Dairy Barn Day

This past Saturday Zach and I both worked a wedding. It was held at The Dairy Barn out in Fort Mill which is a quaint, country location surrounded by rolling hills and roaming horses.

Zach played the ceremony and I was a second-shooter for the videographer. This is the second time I've done this and it went much better than the first. I was much more comfortable with the gear and in my shoes. I wore heels the first time (since I was actually attending that wedding) and it was a total disaster. Ha! My feet have never been in so much pain!

Anyways, while around the venue I snapped some of these stills to capture the lovely landscape and fabulous wedding details.

Friday was kinda dreary, but it made for some cool pics

Ceremony space
Saturday morning though was all blue skies. It turned out to be a completely lovely day.
The wedding was at 11 so the reception was a brunch. So fun! I've never been an early wedding before, but it was so nice.
All the food was served family style
Pretty tulips
Tasteful menu
French toast

Part of the second course - grilled veggies
Incredibly good sweet potato puree
My plate :)
Simple and elegant wedding cake
 Other treats
I seriously am so excited to see the finished video I can barely stand it. Eek! Stay tuned for more Dairy Barn wedding day footage coming soon. :)

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