Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crowder Confessions

Last night, David Crowder (supposedly) did his final concert at Forest Hill. We were told it was the last, but word on the street is he has a few other acoustic-style sets planned before calling it quits. The free concert was hosted by K-Love and Charlotte One and was a fundraising event for Souper Bowl of Caring, a non-profit organization focused on the fight to end hunger.
It was an interesting day around the church as the place was buzzing with unusual excitement as tour buses, tents, tables, a semi truck to collect food donations, and more began appearing in and around FHC.

Although the concert was entertaining,

and being back stage with SixStepRecords folks (including the lovely Shelley Giglio) was fun... AND seeing 7 tons of food donated (wow!) was totally remarkable, I think the highlight of the day for me and Z was actually being able to sit together in the sanctuary and just be a part of the body of believers gathered together.

This happens MAYBE once a year for us (if that) and is a treasured time. Working in ministry has MANY blessings, but one reality for us is that we never have the opportunity to actually "go to church" together. Zach is always on stage leading worship and I'm off on another stage as a storyteller in our children's environments.

I'm not writing this today so everyone has pity on us, but more to encourage those couples who are able to go to church together each weekend. Don't take it for granted! Wallow in those moments. There are a lot of people out there - whether they travel for work or are in ministry like us, that don't have that luxury. It is a total blessing to be able to worship alongside your spouse and hear God's Word together. Enjoy it and thank God for the opportunity.

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