Saturday, February 18, 2012

Atlanta Writes

This past week Zach and I spent a few days in Atlanta so Zach could songwrite with some other artists. For those of you who don't know, Zach is working on a second album, this one a worship project. Lately, when he comes home at night, he's been writing specifically for this project almost around the clock - by himself, via Skype, and now some sessions in Atlanta. Like I said before, that new guitar is becoming like a new appendage. I wouldn't be surprised if I rolled over in the morning and found it lying next to me! Ha!

Anyways, lucky for me I was able to work remotely and go with him so we could have another Atlanta adventure. Of course this trip included what every trip to Atlanta includes: haircuts at Studio Philisa, getting my ring cleaned at the jewelers, and eating out at some of our favorite places.

Tuesday night we headed out to Treehouse, which I've written about a few times I think. It has the best tequila lime hummus in the world and ridiculous plantains. I love plaintains. They are the blackish looking things on my plate :) (Sorry it was dark!)

On Wednesday I met two of my old colleagues for lunch at Highland Bakery, which I've also written about a gazillon times. I didn't photograph all the delicious food, but I did snap a shot of our cupcakes - the mini peanut butter hi hats and the sweet potato cupcake. Yes you heard me correctly. And it was out of this world tasty.
LOVED catching up with you Laura (and Chonda, not pictured). Totally miss you. Come visit in Charlotte!
After lunch I went to work at the Parish Market. I love this little place all tucked away in Inman Park. Parish is a really nice, New Orleans style restaurant that you should go to sometime, if you can afford it that is. Ha! The Parish Market though is downstairs and such a cozy place to grab lunch, coffee, or just sit and work for hours on end. That's what I did.

Panoramic of interior
Family-style table
Love all the raw textures in this place

My work area, bar-height table next to the window
That night, Zach and I went to dinner with our hosts for the week - Brenae and Tyler. Thank you friends for letting us crash with you while we worked! Surprisingly, we went to a restaurant I had never been to before called Noche. I've heard of it of course and been to several similar tapas places, but this was my first trip to Noche and it was good.

Panoramic of Noche
My two favorite dishes we ordered were the chicken empanadas served with mango salsa and the Spanish potatoes (again, sorry for the darkness)
Potatoes with spicy dipping sauce
On Thursday, we headed over to Decatur, our old stomping grounds where we met and dated. We swung by the church building Zach was leading worship at when we met and boy had it changed.
There's a new church plant there now called Oakhurst Church and we are hopeful they can be a light in this community.

For lunch, we went to Sun in my Belly, again, another hidden gem. Love this unsuspecting place. The interior is very vintage and organic, always displaying some sort of handmade decor. It's almost like eating in an Anthropologie, but just a little rougher around the edges.

Panoramic of one of the dining rooms
This time, the ceilings were draped in garland made of torn fabric strips. There had to be hundreds and hundreds of pieces cascading across the ceiling.

Looking over menus and water jars
Always a simple yet cheerful arrangement on every table
 Zach got the Dagwood sandwich which was seriously the largest sandwich I've ever seen.  (Yes, there are 4 stacks.) It was a triple decker ham+turkey+roast beef served with gouda, sundried tomato mayo, spicy dijon, and mixed greens.
I got the Napoleon complex sandwich which I am definitely going to try and recreate on my own sometime. It was so unique. This sandwich included pressed brie, proscuitto, red onion, spicy dijon, fig jam, and herb focaccia bread. Dinvine!
After lunch we said goodbye to Atlanta/Decatur and headed out to Snellville for Zach's last writing session, this time with Mitch Parks of After Edmund. Since I was working in a nearby room, I got to snap a few quick shots of the music magic. :)

In Mitch's studio, watching him spin gold
Listening back to the new track.
I am super de-duper excited for Z and this new project. God already seems to be up to something special and I can't wait to see the final shape and sound of the project and what God has in store for it. EEEK! It's exciting. Next on our songwriting adventure is a trip to Nashville this spring. Stay tuned for the next leg of our worship album journey!

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