Friday, February 10, 2012

All Sons & Daughters

Since Zach has recently starting working on his first worship album, our house has been a 24/7 music zone.  Co-songwriting sessions with other artists, Skype co-writing sessions, guitar cases stacked up, and picks in more places than I care to admit. Zach's guitar has practically become a new appendage. Ha! In addition, we've also been listening to a lot more music than normal. One recent find is a new group called All Sons & Daughters (Thanks Andy Cherry for the recommendation!).
If you like The Civil Wars or just... any sorta Indie music that's a little folky, a little haunting, a little poppy (like Lady Antebellum) you will like their worship music style.

I am obsessed. And we are blowing that junk UP at our house. Such a refreshing change from all the rock stuff out there.

This dynamic duo is based out of a church in Franklin, TN (one of my favorite places) and has released some killer stuff in the past year.

Check it. (Sorry they don't have any official music videos, but this gives you a taste.)
(pause music player below before watching)
Reason to Sing EPK from All Sons & Daughters on Vimeo.

You can buy their music here and well, you should. Like now. :)

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