Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A room for living

I also wanted to post a few pics of our living room now that it's a little more complete. I am still wanting a lounge chair and a new console table, but those aren't huge priorities right now.

I am super excited to have the new silk drapery finally up! Thanks mom for making it happen! I have been looking for drapery for this room for months without finding anything the right color or texture or price. I decided to buy some nice fabric from a specialty fabric store and have them made instead. They turned out great and make our living room much more cozy and warm.

Zach got me a West Elm gift card for Christmas which enabled us to finally finish out the mantle with recycled glass bottles from Spain.

I seriously love West Elm and their details. I've bought stuff from them for years. If you are looking for some readily available custom-like goods, hit up WE. Always a good decision!

More house stuff coming soon... (I hope!) AND a residential design project in Florida. I fly down this week for the transformation. Stay tuned!

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