Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, New Goals

So I know I'm almost a week into the new year, but I wanted to write about some goals I have for the year. I like to set goals. Usually, I actually over do it and set expectations for myself that end up making me miserable trying achieve. Ha! So this year, I'm going slow. Setting attainable goals for myself that hopefully won't be abandoned in a month or two!

#1: Have a routine
I know this might sound odd, but I don't really have one. Everyday is a bit different. I like routines though and how they allow me to meet my goals. That being said, I want to wake up at the same time everyday, exercise regularly, plan meals, etc. And that leads me to #2...

#2. Get my mornings back
Zach and I have a fairly unusual life. On most days, we are able to sleep in and have relatively lazy mornings together. I love this and know it is rare, so I treasure that ability during our current stage of life. Something I've noticed about myself though is that I like to get things done in the morning. I'm a busy bee. When I get up, I am fast at work cleaning, putting things away, organizing, etc. Because this seems to be my most fruitful time of day, I'd like to sleep in a bit less and reclaim some of my mornings. Plus, it's always encouraging to take a break at noon and see all the things you've accomplished in just a few short hours!

#3. Read more
I'm not much of a reader. Well, let me rephrase. I'm out of the habit of reading regularly and I'd like to change that this year. Zach has ordered a book for us on marriage by Mark Driscoll that we will be going through together and has a few others on his end table I'd like to read too. Plus, I need to be reading my Bible more for personal reasons and not ministry ones. I am always convicted that we teach our kids at church to read at least one verse a day and memorize scripture each month, but as adults we don't continue the habit. My goal this year is to do at least what I ask of our elementary schoolers (which is pathetic) and hopefully a lot more.

#4. Invest in others
In past years I've been involved in a variety of small groups - leading groups and just attending groups. Unfortunately, since Zach and I have been married, I have been out of this type of regular community. I really long for it though and the ability to encourage and walk alongside younger women. That being said, this year I am co-leading a life group for 11th grade girls. I am really excited about this opportunity and what God has planned for my life and time and those He is bringing into my path.

#5. Get better at photography
As I am sure you can tell by my posts, I love to take pictures. It's definitely my favorite past-time and something I'd love to get better at. Hopefully I will have a few new clients this year who will help me continue to gain experience and knowledge as I continue to develop my own signature style.

#6. Travel... a little
Z and I don't have a ton of unclaimed resources to spend on traveling, but  I'd love to do a little this year if we can. Last year, two of our dearest friends from Atlanta moved to NYC. We miss these "puddins" very much and would love to get some quality time with them soon. I have never been to New York and Zach was only there for like half a second to play a show or two a few years back. I also would love to visit Charleston. Everyone raves of the place and it's only like 2.5 hours from us. I think it would be a great trip to do with Allie in the summer and give her a good dose of some American history as well as some beach time!

Alright folks, I'm stopping at six. It's hard, but I'm forcing myself to do it. I think that's a good start to my year and hopefully in six months I can look back and see how these have taken root. Wish me luck!

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  1. I agree with #1--I am trying to get a routine too!

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